No Extradition of Assange!

\o/ Hooray? \o/

He’s still in prison …

The judge’s verdict is neither here no there but maybe a good starting point?

I can’t decide if Judge Vanessa Baraitser, who was never known as being sympathetic to Assange’s case but kinda America’s bitch, choose the easy way out for her or laid the foundation for finally freeing Assange.

Can’t tell you more right now, but that Assange’s life is saved for now. I guess that’s all we could expect. The next few days will be suspense-packed until we learn more about future proceedings and decisions.

Best thing could happen would be a presidential pardon by Trump! He knows as good as everybody that the vengeful dems want Assange dead, so that would be a “nice” farewell present for Biden. 🙂


    • Hun, the dems are no angels! From everything I hear they are particularly hard towards WikiLeaks and Assange. Doesn’t matter anyway and won’t change an iota of what’s gonna happen to Julian if sacrificed to the USA. It’d be brutal!


      • I realized, later, that I should have said that’s the perspective of citizens. Dems are “meh”, Republicans are “kill the bastard!” I can’t speak to the perspective of the Talking Heads.

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