Corona Diary: Day 283

Just a cautionary tale today:

People of the blog! I told ya the year 2021 won’t be any better than 2020. If anything it will be harder, much harder! The new Covid-19 mutation …

people are forgetting that we are now dealing with a new variant of the virus, we do not yet know what the mortality rate is with this variant, all we know is that its transmission is more aggressive.

Generally healthy citizens pass away only days after infection!

Fuk, maybe you and me we can take it better, maybe our immune systems are stronger or whatever … but still better not try it!

Guys, I know after 9 months of lockdown fatigue sets in, a kinda don’t care anymore attitude, a sloppiness in regards of mask-wearing (don’t I know it) and general in contact with other people.

But let’s not give in. Let’s stay alert and aware! Wear your mask, sanitize, wash often, eat healthy, tell your loved ones to stay the fuk away from you; particularly your loved ones! Don’t give in to primitive feely-touchy instincts!!!

Oh, hey! Lookywatchy the video …

Noticed something?

cya laterz



    • Covid is just a virus and we as modern, educated human beings know perfectly how to avoid it and behave in such situations. I’m more afraid of people without masks, like all those more or less famous rolemodels in the video.:|

      I wouldn’t wonder when, in a couple weeks, we can read in the newspaper about Lucas, Filoni, Favreau, Kennedy, Dawson and a number of Lucasfilm staff and stuntpeople being hospitalized, waiting for ventilators and fighting for their lifes.


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