Prison: Day 281


Who in the World of Fuck sends me not just a new update but a new Kernel … at 5 a.m. on New Years Eve???

Linux Kernel 5.10.3

Why his maniacness Linus Torvalds himself and the even crazierer ArchLinux devs of course.

Do I feel like I’m in good hands? You have no idea! Microsoft would never do that.

But back to the basic topic …

Russian fatty dies at 21, innocent passengers are killed in Taxi War, rowdy Brit tourists flee quarantine, sportsball matches are postponed, and SA got 4,000 freshfaced new doctors to work their asses off in the Covid ER. Everything normal.

Only thing I didn’t understand was the fuzz about DIY hair. Isn’t it perfectly normal to grow one’s own hair? Ugh, I get it. Styling! Also normal. Hubby and me are cutting our own hairs since more than 20 years. I cut his sparse hair down to 3 mill with an electric grooming machine, and he cuts 5 – 10 cm off my pigtail once a year. Done!

This is silly: Before anyone gets their first jab the vaccine producers have already started a price war or wot? And what’s that? In 2020 travel hung in the balance? No, really? Tell me more about it, please, we didn’t even notice. And send lockdown rule breakers to jail? Perfect idea to stick a bunch of highly at-risk people close together in a holding cell, so if they didn’t have Covid yet, now they do!

Sorry, I’m slowly loosing my faith in humanity. Assholes altogether. Why can’t people just stay home for a couple weeks, ffs?

But you and I will, right? If you really wanna party I know in SL are at least a couple hundred new year parties planned, with the most sexy crowds and coolest DJs. Go ask your fellow TSB! reader Spiffy Voxel where she mixes tonight.

DJ Spitfire – Spiffy Voxel

Or just stay home and be boring and watch The Expanse S05E05 or sexy brutal Japanese cyberpunk drama Alice in Borderland. Recommended chow: Fish n Chips, sushi, or just mountains of peanuts.

Piratize Alice in Borderland: You’ve never seen shibuya crossing this empty!

Okee, now that y’all know what to do then TSB! headmistress and team are wishing you a happy, well sanitized slide into the new year 2021!



  1. Thanks for the plug! 🙂 No show tonight, as I’m not feeling that masochistic. Debated doing an early AM broadcast tomorrow, but common sense prevailed so will be on Gorean Whip Radio 12-2pm instead New Year’s Day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thx for letting my readers know where they can catch a whiff at you, Spiffy. Have a most fantabulous day/night/new year!!!



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