Top 10 Distro Delves Awards!

Heyas all ye Linux freshmen and freshwomen!

A very personal years end award video by egee today. Please, just watch and let’s talk afterwards:

Giving awards to the most notable Linux distros and operating systems we saw in Distro Delves season 2!

What I liked about this was that he didn’t just rate the distros – a nearly impossible task anyway – but also the communities which are attached to them. We’ve all heard stories about users ditching distros because of assumedly toxic forum members. And egee also cares about stuff like branding and appearance and gives out Delvies Awards for those too. 😉

Wurstest branding: Peppermint OS. Blandest, mostest boringest distro: Mint.

And his choice of distros is kinda fresh and non-ordinary as well. So you see, the best choice for you doesn’t start and end with what Linux housewife Orca suggests. Her taste is bland and un-exciting with a total focus on productivity and install-and-forget mindset. Most Linux users are completey different.

Anyhoo, you must make up your own mind, as long as you end up happily with one or several Linux distros installed on your hardware I’m full of happy happy joy joy!


  1. 🧐 He was rather hard on the Arch Linux community. Now, in spite of the Arch Linux community having a so-called reputation for being toxic, there are some nice diplomatic people within it; for example, myself. I have never insulted anyone for not knowing how to fix Arch Linux whenever it breaks.

    I am deeply surprised that he left out EndeavourOS (That Arch-based distribution is worth its weight in gold).

    Anyway, Egee is entitled to his opinion.

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    • Maybe he didn’t try it yet? Because if he had he would know that EOS is not only the most pure Arch-like of all the Archy distros but also has the nicest community. They even got their Orca under control, and I tell you that spoiled brat can be quite a handful. 🙂

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