Prison: Day 280

Mörnsen, my innernet frens and fellow Covid duckers,

yesterday afternon I stumbled upon some numbers from Engelandia, another country heavily hit by the new Covid mutation …

A record nobody’s keen on breaking. 😐

Ok, the UK has a certain reputation inside of old Europe to be always a bit chaotic and unplanned, so the rising infection numbers come as no surprise to anyone but the infected themselves. Otoh I must admit Germany knew about the new mutation since November already but the powers that be decided to not communicate this info to the public. And now they ban inbound flights from South Africa … for the UK’s sins. 😮

Viva democracy! 😮

Now let’s have a look at the local situation:

The horror, the horror!

We recently passed the million mark. Not an event to be happy or proud of! 😦

And yet …

See, the thing is infection rates have always been low in the Northern Cape since the very beginning … because nobody lives there!!! FFS. But now infuse a couple million vacation makers to the equation, coming from all over SA, from Corona hot spots like Joeys, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, or Durban, freshly escaped from the lastest super spreader events but carrying the virus, and meeting a non-existent medical response and hospital system … and every single one of them thinking they are, like, totally safe there. 😦

Catastrophe in the making! 😮

Lonely beach without Covid.

Politicians are even more stupid than the people. Is it so hard to grasp that … the virus isn’t static? It doesn’t know any borders, neither natural nor political. It won’t stay local as it travels with travelling people. If you close the beaches, close them all! You know how we hoomans are: “Beach is closed? Ok, let’s go to the next one. Everybody follow me!” And so do people, and so does Covid-19. Hotspots are changing and travelling with the people and making it last longer and spread even more.

Not so lonely beach with Cowid. 😦

Slowly it’s time for us all to see and learn and get it that the summer/winter season 20/21 is ruined. Individually for each vacationist, industry spanning and globally! The only thing we can do to get out of this rut is a total lockdown for 2 months. Orca and all the clever people said it – and Sophie karaoke’d it! – since day one of her lockdown: PLEASE STAY HOME!!!

And that, my peepholes, is basically all we can do. And most of us do it exemplary well. We stay at home and save the word. What a bunch of un-fukn superheroes we all are!

Still, don’t forget to sanitize, wash, stay clean, stay away from people and eat your fukn veggies!!!

Cya laterz



  1. You did the right thing. Even if the pro-Brexit populists did it for all the wrong reasons. The power Brussels has over all member states, the sneaking de-democratization of Europe, the ever closer bounds to the USA … that’s all I direction I never wanted the EU to take and that I can’t support anymore.
    A united Europe is a fine idea and I always have been a strong Europe proponent. But this shambles is more than anyone can bear. Believe you me, if I were Merkels successor I’d do a Gerxit next week! 🙂

    Of course it’s gonna be hard in the beginning, particularly when you have some property in France or Spain like so many of your compatriots. But I guess the EU will cut some special deals for citizens of the UK. I guess most of them already have applied for Permanent Residence status, like hubby and me have for South Africa. No more dealing with tourist visa n shit.

    And the Corona-thingy, let’s all do as Sophie told us and Stay Home. No risk to get infected is the best protection one can have … against normal or mutated virae. =^.^=


  2. Ugh, the only thing making me facepalm more than the Covid-19 situation here in the UK is the news that the ‘trade deal’ that was agreed on Christmas Eve — just in time for some good Christmas news in UK press, funny that — may have been just rehashed from an older treaty:

    Another fine job by Boris Johnson. /sarcasm And I fully expect that the deal will unravel in the New Year, if the UK Govt doesn’t come up with an excuse to renege on it. Battening down the hatches for 2021…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Still you should be so happy to have escaped from that madhouse. What you gonna do to your own nutters is your beesknees. 🙂 How about not voting for such dumbos in the first place?


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