2020: Year’s End Review

Oh hey, this is the editrix here. For various reasons, Covid being only one, I don’t have much to look back in 2020. AFAIK I didn’t even sail once, not continuing my around the grid tour, and even less racing with one of our two intrepid TrYC Race Goddesses Bianca and Lucy. Yes, I know, bad gurl and all that and I’m appropriately ashamed. Ok? Please don’t hate me.

What else played a role in this blog? Oubaas, my old Ford Transit van, of course. It was a mixed bag of emotions, as always when you put your whole heart and soul into a project … but your super expensive hired guns do not. 😦 Anyway, he’s driving nicely now, and I will make the fuxn panelbeater/spraypainter pay for the windscreen he cracked!

We didn’t even do our annual bizniz trip to Germany this year, so even less material to write about.

Apart from that there is always the trusty good old GNU/Linux I love to write about. But that topic went dry and stale as well. Which is a good thing since the whole Linux infrastructure has matured so nicely and many distributions became really ready for the prime time. Installation and operation is on kindergarten level of easypeasyness … every housewife can do the Linux these days. My job here is done. πŸ˜‰ More or less. I love Linux so much, you won’t get me to shut up about it anytime soon!

Just a recap of my recommended Distros, not only of 2020, but some for much longer and probably for some time in the future:

Linux disappointments of 2020: MX, Manjaro, Garuda, Arco, Ubuntu, Debian.

And then there’s the elephant in the room, the number one conversation piece since 9 or 10 months now. The Coronavirus that kept hubby and me – and most of you – at home since 280 days. Yes, I’m having a kinda Covid-diary, sometimes with more or less huge gaps, sometimes each day. It’s tedious and tiresome but on the other hand also kinda interesting to have taken notice of and chronologized the planet’s and our personal moodswings during that – still ongoing – time. Here we were/are, all the time in the world, nothing to do. So why didn’t we all start our dream projects? Lots of time to sleep and sleep and sleep and totally relax. So why can’t I find any sleep but am only semi-wake all the time? That’s a topic that keeps my mind busy … until I doze off. 😦

If any of you have an answer, please let me know.

See, it became so worse I can’t even keep up with my O@tM column. I’ve at least 20 watched movies in my archive that are waiting for their review. But for some or the other reason I won’t do it. :/ Don’t ask me why, I’m just not inspired.

Writer’s block? Covid-induced lethargy? Or wot?

Okay, that’s it already. 2020 was really a year of nothing going on, at least in my little world. I guess for such a boring year we did an halfways okay-ish job to fill this blog with daily content, no? And not just one story; with this article we have already 5 stories up for today! I guess for someone who doesn’t get around much, and has nothing spectacular to report about this is quite good. And then there are Lucy and Bianca, who do the real work in this blog by posting useful race reports and results each and every week. For that I’m unbelievably grateful. So I really should stop complaining now, start the kitchen massaker (today’s victim: Chicken) and prepare for a nice nom-nom and video watching night.

You’ll read me again tomorrow πŸ˜‰



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