Prison: Day 279


The Second Wave is in full swing now and must be dealt with. And since we’re living in a country with a serious president (hubby and me respectfully call him Papa Smurf) the Second Wave will be dealt with and the little white opposition will be ignored accordingly!

And my YouTube startpage looks accordingly as well:

Papa Smurf all over the t00bz!

To make it short, the boss smurf was a bit cross with his people since they’ve created some super spreader events during Xmas and brought the health care system nearly onto collapse. So he announced a return to Lockdown Level 3 from midnight on. So we’re now in crisis mode already since almost 6 hours.

Gyms are permitted to stay open I guess. Pheeew, lucky me.

Papa Smurf’s speech also dominates IOL:

We love breaking records, don’t we? With this pandemic rather not tho. 1 million active cases in SA! That’s more than every 60th person out there. 😮 Shall I really leave the house today? Guess I have no choice, we need medicals and food and drinkies. 😐

Oh, one more:

Come on, honest now. Wot da fucque is wrong with you stupid hoes? Analyze yourself, sisters, and find out why you suffer and how incomprehensible your suffering is. You miss human contact, your family and all that fine stuff? Well, newsflash for ya: Neither the fate of the planet, nor that of your little social circle does rest on your narrow shoulders!

All your alleged suffering – it’s all just in your stupid head! Finally break free from totally outdated rolemodels and see how the world keeps on turning, even without you worrying about it all the time.

That kid is fugly anyway, so hakuna matata, granny!

Hey granny, your kidz, their kidz and spouses and nieces and nephews, they will all do fine. Or not. Doesn’t matter since you can’t help anyway. So stop worrying, roll with the punches, go with the flow, row your boat gently down the stream – and learn to love live with the virus. 🙂

Oh, and sanitize and don’t forget to eat your citrus fruits, drink lots of water, and move your body!

And when you feel lonely, install Linux and become member of the specific distro’s forum. Best way to spend your time during the pandemic.

\ooo/ ROCK! \ooo/


    • Strictly no alcohol! Never lliked the taste
      so it’s easy for me to live abstinent 😉

      Your wine is good tho, I’ve heard it helps against heart attacks or sumfink. 😐


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