DW’s Top 10 Linux Distros

And since that is totally nothing of real meaning but just a mood barometer, we will focus on the only meaningful duel inside the assumed Top10: Fedora (#8) vs Endeavour (#9).

See the Hits Per Day numbers? Oooooh, very very close finish by now, in the last couple days of 2020: Only 8 clicks are seperating Swedish Dutch youngling EndeavourOS from old American stalwart Fedora. I don’t believe EOS will pass Fedora this year, but early next year, maybe even in January, we’re gonna beat them and kik ’em out of the Top10. That would be the same sort of cool like cleaning Syria from US troops.

I dunno about you, my frens, but somehow I feel the urgent need to look something up on the Endeavour project site right nownow. 🙂


  1. 🤔 Truthfully speaking, DistroWatch is mostly meaningless; however, it is good for locating new Linux distros.

    Besides, EndeavourOS is in a class by itself (I know that because I gave it a test run).

    Unfortunately, I have never tried Fedora.

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    • Ya, especially now with all the stupid younglings around DW’s is more like a beauty contest. And yes again, EOS is the closest thing to vanilla Arch – some people claim it is infact Arch – but with an easy installer, lots of DEs and a little assortment of luxury items one would install anyway.

      I’ve also never really tried Fedora. Coz I always fail the install. :/

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