In All that Excitement …

… about the new club land I’ve decided to Finally! Give! In! and bought the priceworthy Kalhene Bento Mesh body and head! And I even started fitting it on Orca …

Isn’t that cute, my new shape comes in a blister pack. 🙂
Orcsi still wearing her old shape I guess.

Now this is long from being finished yet. Still a lot less work than all the super duper expensive hi-fashion shapes and noggins and skins but already much better than everything I managed to achieve with those. The look needs finetuning and getting used to, and some decent hairstyles of course. But I’m already super duper happy Kalhene gives youthful girls like me the option to go with real flatchested pre-teen non-titties and sporty tits, like the ones I’m showing in the pic.

Not finished at all but already better than the original Frankenstein I got fresh outta the blister pack.

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