1. Trump didn’t sign it so Unemployment benefits have expired and, as of now, no one’s getting any kind relief check. And eviction protection also expired. So.. no income, 6 months rent due at one, and you can be evicted.

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    • See, I refrained from making any commentary in that post but let it speak for itself.
      Can I at least utter a careful and not too loud “Aaaaaargs!” now, please?

      Seriously America! Get your fukn shit together!!! Even if it’s only for self protection of the ultra richies. Humans are a resilient bunch but if you take them too far out of their comfort zone, steal their houses, if you destroy the well-educated and not stupid but resourceful middle class … you’ll finally see a new American revolution! And this time one from bottom up, not from top down like the first one.

      If push comes to shove the blacks will integrate the white folk into their fight and then you’ll have the widest alliance of people against the gvmt!


        • That’s not politic to lead a whole nation. Most Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck anyway and aren’t protected against firing. Now take away their wellfare checks as well, or dangle them in front of their noses … and you’re a failed state!

          Simple as that.


          • People are starting to wake up to that.

            What they’re not waking up to is the fact that existing to buy stuff does not work and they need to have SAVINGS!!

            I was hurting after almost 4yrs of unemployment but I still had financial resources available and I “only” got the basic 26wks of basic unemployment.. no extensions, no extra $600/wk, no “stimulus checks”. Plus my home, car, and phone were paid off.

            Now there are hundreds of thousands of people who quit paying rent/mortgage, causing their landlords to be unable to pay mortgage (on both primary home and investment properties), and seem to think those bills are all going to disappear when they’re actually accumulating. Without $30k checks to each household, people will never catch up.

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