Lucy, Look!

Vivipezz told me about this parcel in Danshire …

2812 prims
140,000 L$

I can’t remember but was this maybe once Jane’s Danshire Yacht Club’s parcel? For my taste this is prohibitively expensive but the parcel is actually very nice, 100% ocean, and close to the Debelox startline.

Maybe start a tiers- and fundraiser in TrYC group?

There is another, smaller, cheaper parcel pretty close by:

It’s a 2-part parcel. 😐

2,816 m²
966 prims
56,320 L$

… and has a banline at the corner. 😦

It’s still a nice parcel for a new startup club, no? And almost affordable.


  1. Thank youuuu Orca. I bought it for Autonomous.

    When I watch grouo land, it already had 512 m² donated. I don’t know who donate it, was you? With my 2048 m², it was just the necessary to buy the land.

    Yellow areas are Autonomous Sailors Collective’s land now. If more people donate tier to group we can request abandoned land from LL (green areas, at 1 L$ per m²), to join and unify the plots 😉

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    • No! Thank You Lucy for buying it.

      I know you and Bia found good homes to host your races at but I think a yacht club needs some kind of home base. And girls need a place to play. And anyway, if you wanna thank anyone, it was Viv who told me about parcels for sale in Danshire.

      Yes, the 512 was me. I wasn’t permitted to donate 1024, maybe because the group didn’t have any land at all? Will try again later.

      And yes, I noticed some abandoned parcels myself and was thinking the same: Start out humble and grow slowly, piece by piece. 🙂

      Too bad the 8,192 land was too expensive. 😦 Maybe if you announce the new home location for the club in group messages, more people will donate tiers and Lindens. 😐

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