Good News for Leendadll

Kickstarted the renaissance: Bocacaccio’s Decamerone

Just heard the renaissance officially started in the middle of the great plague 1350. The German blogger fefe dedacted from that fact that in a pandemic it’s mostly the stupid that die. So Linda(?), your problem with your conspiracy theorist and Covidiot supervisor will soon sort itself out. ๐Ÿ™‚ And the rest of us super clever survivors will be pushed into, or create, a new age of enlightenment!

Cool, no?

Fast and lethal: The Black Death

Cya on the flipside



  1. Sadly, the idiots will take out many other people in the process, including folks like me who are clinically vulnerable. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ That’s why I was peed off when one of them showed up in my local Nextdoor network trying to incite people to break lockdown restrictions. *facepalms*

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    • Yes, you’re vulnerable but you know how to protect yourself. And a good brain with good knowledge is the best protection. Let’s see, are you leaving your home more often than abso necessary, are you going out without your mask, do you get close to other people? Prolly not, eh. You’re used to live with restrictions anyway, so it’s easy for you to behave well during the pandemic. Same as my hubby. He didn’t leave the house a single time since the first day of lockdown,

      But the idiot in your network does all the things, so let’s say good riddance to him. =^.^=

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    • Ya, wotz up with that? Out of hospital so quickly? That indicates for the common idiots, like you and me, the infection rate is going up but the severity of cases is much milder.

      Ooooh, maybe my sniffels is indeed Covid?


        • Fo’ sure. The show must go on and people must be lied to. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know but maybe the Trump we’ve seen in the last days isn’t really Trump anymore but just his zombiefied body. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


          • LOL.
            He went on a pardoning spree of his allies and twitter ranted over the weekend. Dotard is still in there but no one’s listening anymore.

            I can’t recall what I watched over the weekend but I remember thinking how nice it was that they talked about something other than tRump for the 1st time in 4yrs. Hell, the Kardashians even got 2 seconds of press time.

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            • America’s saved when they talk about the Kardashians. H00RAY!

              But people, a word of warning: The dems are even more crazy than Trump, particularly their global politics. And that new old men in the WH isn’t really a socialist, he’s a stonecold capitalist and he shits on his fellow Americans even more than Trump. Military first, war first, looting first, land grabbing first … American people second, third and fourth. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


              • You have that backward. Everything you listed is the stuff the GOP supports… war and profits with no consideration for humans or the planet. Rump didn’t get his war or military parade but he reversed years of land conservation, water safety, animal protections, and human rights.

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                • Don’t get me wrong, your troglodyte ex-prez wouldn’t hesitate a split-sec bombing anyone’s ass … if he sees the immediate profit. That’s why he tried to take your illegal invading troops out from Iraq and now from Syria, too. No financial gain in having them there. But afaik he’s getting blocked by the dems.


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