• Exactly: “Not Cool” is the condition these critters need to thaw out and enjoy life again. 😉

          Say about me what you want, “Overly Compassionate” isn’t one of my primary attributes. Actually I’m a lizard-phobe and so afraid of these things I can’t even watch a photo for extended time. And the worst thing is that our backyard and also the house is overrun with geckos by now.

          Eeeeeks! 😮


          • That just adds balance to things. I’m overly compassionate enough for the both of us. I tell ya, life would be simpler if I didnt care so much. I capture insects from in the house to take them outdoors. I won’t murder them. I have more compassione for the creatures than humans most of the time – low tolerance for human b.s.!
            You can’t watch a photo of a lizard for an extended time, wow, you’ve got it rough there! I then wish you werent tortured with Gecko-dom. : ) Think of them as cute, tiny dragons who have lost their wings. Does that help any?

            Liked by 1 person

            • Yeah. Particularly the part with lost wings helps a lot. Imagine those slimey little fuckas flying around in my bedroom. 😮 Not sexy … at all.

              And I’m totally with you on the human BS. Can’t stand if they are stealing my time. In that regard are lizards more practical, they don’t give a flying fuk about how much time I waste on shoveling them up and throw them over the backyard wall. So I don’t do it. 😉


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