Life Decisions

Oh, we make some of those, don’t we? And we regret some or a lot of them. I know most of mine were bad but here’s one I never regretted and probably never will:

The view from my computer desk.

The decision to move from Germany to South Africa was the bestest decision we ever made!

Our little garden in the a.m. … on the 2nd day of Xmas!

Particularly me, as a born beach bunny, I always kinda felt in the wrong place in northern Germany. Also hubby’s health is much better since we’re living here. No cramps, no spasms anymore.

A classical win/win situation! 🙂

This is what I call a light filled Xmas … and a dirty camera lens.

I know some of you (idiots) love snow and slush and ice and bone-chilling temperatures and days dark as nights and all that shit. But we prefer a good gentle life. =^.^=


      • Yeah, I know you’re in summer now. Still jealous. 😛 No snow here as yet, I can’t even remember when we last had a white Christmas. 😦 Knowing our luck, we’ll get thick snow in March or April — mind you, I expect most folks will still be stuck at home then anyway, so at least not much danger of travel chaos, lol!

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        • “thick snow in March or April”
          Yeah, that’s always a bummer. Instead of seaching for easter eggs we gotta shovel snow off our caravans on the camping ground. 😦 We had all that already. But travel chaos is always a given at easter. With some luck you can squeeze a whole week of vacation out of that holiday, so all the autobahns are stop-n-go. 🙂


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