In World SL

Early this morning I decided to have a peek in world and get some stuff sorted …

When I logged in on my parcel I noticed I’ve gotten some more Xmas greeting cards: Here are BeeJee’s and Kitten’s. Thx very much my stubby lite frens. 🙂
I also got some greetings from Craig Ktaba but couldn’t find any rezzable greetings card in my invent. So I TP’d to his place in Sansara’s snowlands (brrr, I hate snow!) and saw he’s made a new boat. At least new for me.
Herreshoff Beetle
Whoa! That’s a thing of beauty. Looks like a blend of Herreshoff’s Beetle Cat and the 12.5.
Herreshoff 12.5
Then I TPd back home and decided to abandon my parcel …
… swoosh! and gone! The deeper meaning behind the abandonement is to support Lucy in her search and purchase of a new parcel for TrYC or its successor club, by donating my tier to her endeavour.

Any TrYC members reading this blog? So you know that TrYC is a homeless club now and Bianca and Lucy found places to host their races at other yacht clubs. And Lucy is on the search for a new home base for our club. She abandoned her parcel in Brauer (East River, Sansara) and I mine in Ingolfur (Route 12, Nautilus).

If you wanna help, please contact LucyInTheSky Afarensis inworld SL or send her a comment after her next race report. Not sure if she reads and answers comments tho. 😐

Or, maybe the best, just donate your tier to the Autonomous Sailing Collective group. 🙂


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