Prison: Day 275

No Xmas Miracle for Zuid-Afrika. 😦

Yes, it looks bad. As everywhere around the world. And now they’ve found another mutated strand of Covid, in Nigeria or some of those shitholes. It’s nearly impossible keeping track with the latest developments and politics n stuff. Factually if there ever was a time to panic for all of us – it’s fukn NOW!

Don’t get me wrong guys, call me delusional, but I don’t fear getting infected. I’m far from panicking.

I care about the most basic rules tho, keep my social distance, wear a mask, wash my hands quite often and sanitize. I guess and hope you’re all doing the same. But still, why add gasoline to the fire? So I keep my outings to bare necessities and essentials, like I did from late March onwards. I shop for food and I go to the gym becoz datz, like, totally safe and yoga and swimming will help strenghten my body and make me less of a risk.

We don’t wanna end up as a number in some statistic, no?

If you wanna know what’s really going on, you gotta ask an expert:

Kidz, you keep well, ok. Eat healthy, keep yourself and your environment kleen, do single sports, sanitize everything you touch, don’t have sex with strangers (except if they look arousing), stay home, install Linux, read the blog, get fukn vaccinated if you wanna, and all will be well. 😉

cya laterz



  1. California, just California, has passed 2M infections. SoCal hospitals are full and setting up field tents. Morgues are getting refrig trucks for body storage. Yet we all feel completely distant from the seriousness of what’s happening. Even me. But unlike others, I still take the threat seriously.

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      • Exactly… hoax.

        Yes, they’re setting up medical field tents at hospitals. Somewhere back East, the tents are being used for triage and non critical patients. Only covid and critical patients are allowed into the building. I assume it will be the same here.

        When I confirm tents ate up locally, maybe I’ll try to get a pic for all those non believers.

        One person that I follow is a non-ICU hospital nurse in N Carolina. She was “Tier 3” for vaccine but got her first shot a couple days ago because so many higher priority nurses refused. #idiots

        TMZ reported that facial fillers are causing an (easily treatable) allergic reaction to the Moderna vaccine.. that rules out the Kardashians and 3/4 of SoCal!!

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        • “higher priority nurses refused.”
          Maybe they know a thing or two about medicines being rushed out without proper testing.

          “that rules out the Kardashians and 3/4 of SoCal!!”


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