Prison: Day 272

Our Western Cape premier, Alan Winde, seems to be a windy guy. Wasn’t he all for opening the beaches along the Garden Route? Well, now he preaches awareness. 😐 If only someone had warned him about the impending Second Wave of Covid-19. :/

Only the bestest news from Afrika!

You and me, we read the interwebz, and we know about the Second Wave, don’t we? Sometimes I wonder if politicians are deaf-blind, when in fact deaf-mute would be so much more convenient and better for the planet and its population.

Frens, we are ruled over by a buncha ass-clowns. 😦

But that won’t stop our attempts in doing the right thing, staying healthy and not spreading the virus, doesn’t it?

You peepel sanitize and eat your healthy veggies and stay at home for Xmas!

cya laterz



  1. Today my crazy coworker informed everyone, again, that the PRC covid test has 98% false positive rate. And only 9k Americans, not 320k, have died of the made up illness. And hospitals are NOT overwhelmed or understaffed. And it’s only a ‘pandemic’ because “they” changed the definition.

    THANK GOBBS she’s off work till next Mon!!

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    • I quite like how those American conservatives can select the parts they wanna experience in life, like they had a remote control for reality. Switch on/switch off …


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