• Best thing is the maid will clean it up. She’ll get her Xmas bonus today, so a bit of extra work won’ harm. =^.^=

      Here in SA, everybody and their granny, even the poorest of us blankies have maids. Poor fux like hubby and me have a cleaner lady once a week, the richy riches have full-time live-in maids who also cook and do childcare n stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

    • “Ohhhhhh!”

      … like Ooooh, posh! or like Eeew, you’re not a real socialist, Orca!

      Tell you what, it’s absolutely not posh to employ the one or other household helper or gardener here in SA. You’re not a racist by just acknowledging that most blacks are poor and need jobs but aren’t properly qualified for anything else. They don’t feel exploited, we don’t kidnap them or sumfink. Actually they are begging for cleaning jobs. And we’re helping them out. It’s not like in the old times of colonisation or so. And also not racist.

      When we bought this house it came with a cleaner lady attached to it. 🙂 Actually a whole family, as the first cleaner bestowed the job on her younger sister, and she to another one, when she became too pregnant. Hubby and me weren’t even asked. 🙂

      And don’t tell me you’re doing different with the Mexicanos in Cali. 😉


        • Because they are even cheaper and less protected than normal US wage slaves. Mhm. Viva capitalism! You know you’re the only country where the population is supposed to work for the “country” and not the other way round.


            • 🙂 I know it’s out of context.

              But hear me out please: In today’s pro-capitalist, pro-mega corp climate our respective countries aren’t real nation states anymore but self-service shops for abovementioned mega corporations. And the populations are supposed to work their asses off for the few richy riches and their hired gun politicians.

              When you claim to be a patriot, you’re in reality pledging allegiance to your military corporate overlords. So you give it your all but don’t you dare asking for getting something back. They can’t be bothered caring about you and your precious country.


              • All I know is that capitalism has major flaws The biggest being that greed is rewarded and the benefactors don’t believe in sharing. There is no need for being a centi-billionaire! Give away 99billion… you’ll still be obscenely rich!!

                At the same time, it’s the system I know and it’s not like I’m planning on moving anytime soon.

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                • It’s the system we’re all living in, to differing degrees in between socialist democracies, social democracies, just capitalist, fascist capitalist …


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