No Xmas Special for Endeavour

Slowly, vewwy vewwy slowy, we’re sneaking up on fukn Fedora …


44 kliks is all we need to bag in the Americans. And this symbolizes how small the worldwide Linux community really is. And it shows there will be no xmas surprize prezzie for Orca’s favourite distro. Do I do the deed myself and surf to Endeavour’s website? 44 times? Don’t be stupid. I’ll check the forum later, which will bring up the count by maybe one. LOL.

But no reason to be unhappy. With Manjaro and Mint we have two of my favourites firmly up in the Top 3, and they don’t appear to go anywhere. And EOS completeing my favourite three distros in the Top 10. Makes for a nice overall result for the year’s end.

The friendliest Linux forum, muddafokkaz!

Can’t complain now, can I?

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