An exciting year of sailing races at TrYC has finished

The year 2020 was in many ways a crazy one and all started with what we call RL… But SL became at least as crazy as RL. LL created a new idea: “All into the cloud”. For that they did a lot of changes, updates, caused bugs, fixed some of them and made others worse and they are still trying to work on their very long list of bugs to fix.
One of those bugs are the new sim crossings. They cause on nearly every vehicle script errors. Somtimes without consequenses, but sometimes with pretty bad consequences, which even decided who wins races in SL.
This frustrated our sailors from time to time, but when we look over all the races in 2020 i say the majority is clearly on the side of the good and exciting memories. This makes me belive we will have at least the same again in 2021.

Another crazy thing was the fall of one of the oldest yacht clubs in SL: TrYC. But i found a new base for my races in another area. Million thank to the owner of Saint Aubrey to let us do the races there. And i am very sure that we will have at least the same fun there as we had around TrYC. So come and join us there again.

Thank you to all the sailors who joined my races and made every race an exciting event.

Congrats to the 3 winners of the Bandit 25R races:
1. Yvonne
2. Lucy
3. Nicole

Congrats to the 3 winners of the Bandit 22LTE races:
1. Lisa
2. Moon
3. Nicole

Congrats to the 3 winners of the Sea Boss Rider races:
1. Sanja
2. Lucy
3: Walthard

Merry Christmas and a wonderfull new year 2021 and i hope to see you all back in 2021.

hugs and kisses


  1. Thank you Bianca for the nice summary of 2020. It was shit in RL but should’ve been wonderful in SL. Many people finally had the time to care about SL and stay logged on for longer amounts of time.
    Very good that you brought your race series to a satisfying end. Usually in the olden times all this would’ve ended with big prizegiving and parties. Was always a welcome excuse to get out of the bikinis and into fine ballgowns and high heels. And wear big hair! But as we’re a homeless club now, let’s see what can be done about that for next year.

    You heard about Lucy’s plans? She sold the parcel in Brauer (to ZZ I assume) and is looking for new premises. I’ve already pledged 1024mΒ² tier, and if more TrYC members join in, she can purchase a nice big chunk of seaside splendor. We could make a new group for that place (or make a neutral name, like Nomads YC or sumfink) and invite all TrYC members to join the new group. I don’t wanna get involved too deeply but you two should get together about that … pretty soon. =^.^=

    “one of the oldest yacht clubs in SL: TrYC”
    Hmmmm, not entirely true. All the Blake Sea YCs predated us by around 3 years. SYC, NYC, TYC and the predecessor of FIYC were all established long before us. Also MBYC and the Japanese clubs. And not to forget Kazenojin Seiringu (weirdly not a Japanese club).

    TrYC only came into existence after the Nautilus continent was finished. I remember Charlz wanted to name it TYC and I had to remind him that the name was already in use by Tasha and her people of Tradewinds, so we settled on TrYC.

    But we made a SPLASH!!!

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    • Well i spread the posters in SL and i send every winner their medals textures with a notecard. I am not the biggest fan of big pricegivings. This is actually not really an official Championship. Its more something i run parallel to the races to let people see how they improve, to motivate them a little more to come reguarly and give them something to talk about after the race.
      And it is a little walk on the edge. I like my races relaxed and a little serious, but not too serious. This is still fun and not the Americas Cup and my main goal is to get more “new” racers into races and dont want to scare them away.
      After a while when they learned more about racing and become more concious they can decide themselves if they still like it relaxed or if they start to take it more serious in other races as well.
      Well you can maybe call it a kind of “inofficial academy” for racing, with a some experienced sailors as “teachers” for the “learners” with no official lessons but all the help and tips they need and ask for.

      I know about Lucys plans and i offered her to do one of her shields races at Saint Aubrey. But i think its ok as well to have different place. That is a good chance to let people race again more in more different areas.

      One of the oldest clubs didnt mean the oldest…. hehe, but all are much older than me anyway…

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      • “I am not the biggest fan of big pricegivings.”
        You know how SL ticks and how people of SL tick. Big pricegiving, small pricegiving, need an excuse to party? There you have one. πŸ˜‰

        “This is actually not really an official Championship.”
        Can be both in one. Nobody’s forced to take it seriously, but the serious racers can fight for the club- or class championship alongside your weekly club races. Because why not. And if one of the bloddy beginners starts to take it more serious halfway through the season … whooops, they are already in the ranking. πŸ˜‰

        And in order to discern between the hobbyists and the professionals, you can call for a special finals day only for the, say, first 5 or 10 sailors in the ranking. Or make it a match race between #1 and #2. Out of them you have the world champion 2021 or so.

        “But i think its ok as well to have different place.”
        Yes yes yessss!!! What SL needs is a wanderzirkus. TrYC is a homeless club now, so make a virtue of necessity and get the show On the Road!

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        • Well Orca, you couldnt leave your couch last 8 months for just one race and so you didnt get a feeling of the atmosphere we are having in those races. For me this way is working now more than 3.5 years and i will stick to this strategy… There are enough others who do the “normal” way and so sailors can decide where they wanna go.

          When you look at all the races we have you will notice that there is not a very big number of really reguarly racers and new ones are easily frustrated in “too serious” races and dont come back. These ones (like for example Becca from here) i try to motivate and support…

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          • “you couldnt leave your couch last 8 months for just one race”
            Ya me’s a bad gurl, a very very bad gurl! And so lazy.

            But then I’m online at 4 or 5 a.m. and get ready for gym and an action packed day. Is it a wonder I’m sleepy during SL racing times?

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  2. Well done, Bianca! You carried the flame without wavering all year and sailors from all over SL joined your races with delight. Looking forward to next year at St Aubrey! Cheers and Happy holidays!

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