Shields races – December 19th

During last weeks I was looking at the rarely used seas, around Tradewinds, Sea of Fables, Mare Secundus, Sea of Fables, Gulf of Moles and others. Yesterday we went to Sea of Fables, for two Ginger’s courses, SOF AD-C1 and SOF AD-C6.

About 1 hour before the races… surprise! WWC setter was not working. Well, I had to leave poor Emilia drowning, holding mine.

Anyway, Moon, Elli, Lamp and Juicy came. With me we were 5 skippers racing.

In C1, I crashed before start and Juicy wasn’t IDed. Lamp chased Moon all the way but was unable to catch him, while Elli and Juicy had a good fight for 3rd place, fight won by Elli.

SOF AD-C1 Race Results:
1: moonglownight Resident IDMOON — 00:10:30
2: Lampoon Destiny IDLD97 — 00:11:26
3: Ellion Melodie IDEM29 — 00:12:33
4: Juicy (not IDed)

Lap Times:
moonglownight Resident IDMOON — Start: 00:00:02 — Last lap: 00:10:28
Lampoon Destiny IDLD97 — Start: 00:00:05 — Last lap: 00:11:21
Ellion Melodie IDEM29 — Start: 00:00:10 — Last lap: 00:12:23

(Moon and Lamp)


(Juicy and Elli)

(Moon finishing)

In 2nd one, I tried to catch Moon until I was grounded :(. Lamp, who was near me also was grounded in same spot. Elli and Juicy had a really close fight, won by Elli by 1 sec.

SOF AD-C6 Race Results:
1: moonglownight Resident IDMOON — 00:11:33
2: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — 00:11:50
3: Ellion Melodie IDEM29 — 00:12:42
4: juice651 Resident ID1001 — 00:12:43
5: Lampoon Destiny IDLD97 — not Finished

Lap Times:
moonglownight Resident IDMOON — Start: 00:00:04 — Last lap: 00:11:29
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — Start: 00:00:09 — Last lap: 00:11:41
Ellion Melodie IDEM29 — Start: 00:00:15 — Last lap: 00:12:27
juice651 Resident ID1001 — Start: 00:00:15 — Last lap: 00:12:28
Lampoon Destiny IDLD97 — Start: 00:00:13 — Last lap: not finished

More pics:

I’m not sure if I can host a final race this year. So, Happy holidays for you all


  1. “Juicy wasn’t IDed.”
    Come on!
    COME ON!!!
    It’s the muckin’ year 2020 a.d. and ppl are still sailing on un-IDed boats???
    How can that be?

    Maybe one of you ladies should offer a “Racing for Dummies” course at the yet to be built sailing academy. 😉

    Apart from that little booboo, congratz Lucy on keeping the Shields alive. What group are you using, still TrYC?

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    • Yesterday, I was yet using TrYC, but I already have the RD rule from TYC, that probably will be my home in future.

      But my idea is to host races in various areas 😉

      BTW I sold the plot in Brauer. Now I am looking a sea-front plot (up to 2240 m² – or two ~half this size) in other areas that can be used as an outpost 😉

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      • I have a seaside plot on Nautilus north coast but it’s not good for sailing. Hun, if you find something nice count me in with 1,024 m² just let me know when you find an appropriate parcel and have a new group or buy it for TYC. I will abandon my land and donate the tier.

        BTW, is Emilia a Gorean kajira? 🙂

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    • “Racing for Dummies” is being held by Emileigh. She just sent a message that there are just two interested now.

      11am FIYC Sailing Clinic and Regatta
      Sun, Dec 20 2020 9:10:38 AM PST

      Get a new boat for Christmas? Need help learning an old one? Want to learn the basics of racing?
      The FIYC Sailing Clinic is just the ticket!
      Get one-on-one help with your pressing questions. Learn how to start in a race and learn navigation skills.

      Bring your SMALL boat (ask instructor about big boat help).

      Landmark to Rez Zone is attached. After rezzing move or sail to the committee boat location in Race Rock.

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      • LOL, what I had in mind is much much easier: To avoid having no IDed boat just ID the boat, take it back in inventory and from that day on always when you rez a boat it is already automagically IDd. I thought everybody and their granny knew that trick already. 😐

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      • i joined the Flying Fizz lessons of Giulia. That boat is let me say it polite very different from all boats i have sailed so far and i learned there a lot about the boat. That hasnt made me an expert but i stay a lot more dry than before.
        But we had and have there even people who have never sailed before and they could sail that boat after 2-3 weeks and they knew what they were doing without changing the wind on every difficult corner.

        Well there are academies presented by big words and there are little lessons weekly for only one boat which have a big output and a growing number of very happy sailors.

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        • I never liked the Fucking Fizz coz it’s complicated and slow, where I prefer it easy and speedy. But we gotta admit the Fizz is still the most realistically sailing boat in SL and for that reason still has a huge number of fans.

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  2. The trouble with the Fizz is that the tell-tales keep disappearing (sails Rez/ de-Rez while sailing) so it s a pain to assess where you are with regards to sail trim. Then, the boat is so damn slow in the way she reacts, I always need some minutes to switch mode to a (much) more leisurely approach to sailing… not the kind of tinkering you do on a TMS/Bandit…

    Liked by 3 people

    • Viv i have the same problem with the disappearing sails but only under 5% of the cases both sails disappear. Anyway i made for the Fizz colored tell tales with the same colors like TMS/Bandit boats (blues = let out, yellow/red = pull in, green = optimum) have. They are a lot more visible and when for example the main sail disappears you can see them still very good on the jib. They helped me a lot and i will send you the install script and an explaining notecard with install instructions. Try them out and see if they help you as well.

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  3. A gentleman named Jake Northman, Orcs may remember him, taught me to sail in SL on the Fizz, out of TYC. Later on Silber Sands and a couple of the folks at the German Yacht Club Schiffsratten worked with me on racing her. I miss those guys and gals, all very friendly and helpful and fun. When Gull Wings restarted racing her earlier this year I was able to join but RL has changed that for the time being. Hopefully I will be able to get to it.

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    • Hello again Justin, ghost of the past. 🙂

      Yessir, I remember Jake, didn’t know he was into the Fizz. And I remember the Schiffsratten, they were always a bit too technically minded for my taste (reason why I don’t drive Audis and VWs) but a very serious sailing club. Remember in the beginning you couldn’t even join the group if you weren’t member of some German SL website first. And they didn’t adhere to SLT but announced all their races in German time. This elite affectation pissed me off and it took years before I became a member of their club.

      Fizz is still the most advanced sailing boat and weather system in SL, nothing else comes even close, for when you really need a serious simulation. Well, I don’t. 😉

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