Prison: Day 269

Some virtue signaling anyone? Here we got some:

What a hero! I love him sooo and wanna be the mother of his kidz! 🙂

Anyhoo, no time for more Covid-shit today … and it’s not really needed anyway that I write about our recent favourite pandemic. After having been out this morning to at least 4 places with lots of people from all walks of life, I don’t plan to leave the house again for the rest of the weekend. I’ll save the world by playing sleepy cat. =^.^=

So hubby and me are non-spreaders. How about you?

Guys, wash your hands, sanitize, eat your fruits, stay clean, stay healthy!

cya laterz



  1. Non spreader here.
    Politicians are getting the vaccine on tv in hope of convincing the general public that it is safe, so they will eventually take their shots too. I think the number planning to avoid is currently near 40%.

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    • Oh you sweet summer child. *sighs
      Politicians have long given up trying to convince people of anything. Deep inside they know they suck at it since people know instinctively that politicians are nothing but scumbags. Only reason he did it was to appear like a hero and stay in the headlights for some more minutes before it’s back into anonymity for him. Nothing but a publicity stunt, carefully planned by his aides.


      • Several former prez are supposed to get it on camera too.

        Having worked in pharma, I was leaning toward stalling. But after a covid scare, I’m on board. Plus some site said there are 23M Americans who are higher priority… so that’s plenty of stall time.

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        • Hubby and me prefer to just not get infected, which is the bestest method for us. The fukn virus will be dead sooner or later, and we won’t have to deal with possible side-affects from vaccination with a haphazardly developed product.


            • Butbutbuttttt … what about if you are not infected? Not at all? I wanna be in the 5% bracket of un-vaccinated population.


                • “brought home covid now has the flu”

                  OMG! 😮 Some people’s kids 😐

                  If I had just recovered from covid, I’d be a bit shy and ultra careful around around people and not go out to super spreader events. Yes, sounds like mass murder/suicide indeed. 😮


                  • He was the non-believer. His wife is acting like it could be covid but they all tested positive last month… or so she said. They had friends over today!!!

                    I do not understand their thought pattern!!

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                    • Typical small-minded humans, unable to adapt to new situations. Wife probably has a hunch about the situation, he maybe, too, but both not able to admit it and adapt to new living situation: Show must go on and all that bull. They can never admiit they believe in Covid, else their fellow Trumpists would make fun of them.
                      You gotta be more tolerant towards their kind, ya know? Pity them.



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