Sporty Linux Distros :)

Morning bois n gurlz, since the DistroWatch ranking has less than zero reference to real life installation numbers, we have even more fun mocking our closest enemies and next victims, right? It’s all meant as a joke, kinda, and not to be assumed to be a real battle.

Keeping that in mind, may I ask you to have a brief peek at the chars?

See that? EOS has the green Up-Arrow applied to it, while next victim bloddy Fedora is on a clear downwards trajectory. Just a tad over 60 kliks difference, this can only be a matter of days until, we get those pesky corporate Americans! 🙂

The image of Endeavour’s future becomes even more clear when we look at the 7 days statistics: good and magical EOS on #7, asshole Fedora down to #12. Meanwhile the unperturbed leading trio shows super duper stable on their positions since a looong time.

As you might know, I’m mostly ok with this Top 3 constellation, as Mint and Manjaro are really super duper distros with only #1 MX sticking out like a sour thumb. Of course does a Debian distro belong into the Top 3, but why must it be such a heavyweight overdone behemoth with only one desktop environment (Xfce) but lots of bullshit luxury items?

This gets me one idea: Maybe it’s time for another vanilla Debian test? See if it comes now with housewife-friendly Calamares installer?

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