Debian and Orca …

… if they’ll ever become friends? I doubt it. And I’ll tell ya why. Very short, to the point story in two pics this is …

First visit to Debian’s website looks promising: Download button proud and big and easy to find. That’s how we like it! Did those Debian autists finally learn something about humanity? Cool.

And installation goes with the lovely and beloved Calamares installer? Even betterer!

But then …

End of story for Orca. 😦

The Debian devs matter of factly managed to turn the easy peasy fun installer into a complex installation machine that asks much to many nonsense questions and fails the desperate housewife in the end, despite all her best efforts.

First he played dumb and couldn’t install the internet. In the end it was installed nevertheless … as is normal with every other linux distro. You know my machines are plugged into the router, they can’t even avoid connecting to the internet! Jeezuz! 😐

And then, after all is set and done and a reboot we end up on an empty screen with nothing but a prompt. What is this shit, 1971? Oh, I know, Debian devs are too blasé to give us some choice between a bunch of desktops, like EndeavourOS and too a smaller amount Mint, does it. No,not even some choices to take before the installation process. You get the basicest of all imaginable installation, the infamous Netinstall. :/

No biggie, I know what desktop I want, so let’s quickly install the shit and be done with it. Haha, stüpid Orca, you can’t do nothing with your baby easy Arch commands here, must use Debian/Ubuntu speak. Which I dunno fukall about. 😦

So above picture was not only state of the Debian in Orca’s house, like half an hour ago, it still is. :/ Much too lazy to figger out what enigmatic letters combo I need to punch in to get a Mate or Cinnamon desktop, also no time since I’m about to prepare yummy breakfast.

Any of you readers any idea what I must type in, please lemme know. 😉

sudo apt/get install cinnamon or sumfink like that?


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