Sheet! Phuk muck, fokk!!! :(

No idea who was the culprit this time, WordPress or Google or a concerted effort by both of ’em? But when I was writing a very clever movie review about Christopher Nolan’s newest good/bad movie, Tenet, I noticed already some kind of friction in the internet’s gears, had some probs adding still photos to the writeup but was finally satisfied and pressed the Publish button … only to see all my work of 2 or more hours disappear into the big nothing! 😮

Worst part of my negative experience today was that I was so absorbed by my own genius essay that I totally missed the aqua gymnastics class in the gym. 😦

We remember, TSB! had a similar muckup some weeks ago already, so they aren’t a very reliable publishing partner for my precious little bloggo. Just imagine I’d be blogging professionally … and then being dependent on a shitty platform like WordPress. 😦 Their new Block Editor (formerly Gutenberg Editor) makes the whole creation process not only more complicated and cumbersome, and requires more mandatory steps, the whole thing is lagging as hell. And combined with Google’s latest set of problems it was somehow predictable that the one or other harmless little hobby bloggy would fall victim to their carelessness.

Well, this morning it was my turn to get burned. And I was soooo fukn good, on a regular roll, ripping Mr. Nolan a new one for delivering such a spectacular spectacle … but so hollow and undramatic it was nothing but a brainiac proof of concept. Now you’ll never know since I refuse to type it all again. As you maybe know yourself from school, or uni homework, the second time does never work out as great as the lost original. :/

Ok, my review was pretty congruent with the Critical Drinker’s, so if you wanna, watch his drunkeness spilling his enbalmed brain out:

Get it here!

Why did I give you the above linkage? Because, as disappointing as Tenet was, I was greatly entertained, without even understanding the concept or giving a singular fuk about any of the dramatis personae (except Hollywods bestest clothes rack Elisabeth Denicki of course, she was great – not just physically – and her character the only decently developed one). Tenet is such a visual steamroller, you can’t turn away your gaze. So a serious watch is highly recommended. I know exactly I’m gonna watch it again, later in the afternoon. And this time I’m gonna try figuring out the concept of Tenet.


  1. Poor Orca, victim of the big bad internet companies!
    Lots of swearing and cussing as always, which is why your blog is so entertaining 😉
    Hope you eventually sort out your issues, be it Linux or your PC, or the services you use. Cheers!
    PS: the America’s Cup is back by the way, and I know how you love these big fast boats… Maybe it will cheer you up to watch some of the action. Spoiler alert: the US boat did well, although it does not mean much right now, since they are all still deep in the development process. Be safe and well, XOXO

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