WTF Göøglé *EDIT*

Ever since YT is owned by The Kraken it’s going down down down the shitter! :0

I read about it but didn’t care coz my internet wasn’t affected. But 5 minutes ago I tried to watch some YouTube videos … but instead of playing the video I clicked on, I’m getting redirected to other subscribed channels. 😮

And now I wanted to upload some screenshots to to illustrate this rant, and it won’t work neither. OMfG, does Google now own Postimages, too?

Let’s try upload to Google Photos (worked fine) and then link to the blog (which never worked in the past). Probaly you won’t be able to see this photo:

The screenshot I wanted to show, of a video I wanted to watch.

Sorry guys, it might take a while until you get to see any more fresh content.

EDIT: Seems Google is back on track …

Can y’all see the Google xmas logo?

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