Prison: Day 265

Didn’t I say the Second Wave is here? Now the politicians finally see it, too. And since it’s entirely man made, i.e. our own fukn fault, the Grand Poobah spoketh some harsh words to his unruly compadres and now we’re in a half-assed lockdown again:

Okeeee, let’s see …

No beach parties, bitches! 😮
You are permitted to die from Covid-19 but not to have a funeral. 😦
What a nonsense! At 6 pm we’re already shitfaced. 😐
You know between 4am and 11pm Covid-19 isn’t infectious. 🙂

Is our president, which we usually really like, virtue signaling here? Just a hand puppet of the tourism industry? Anyways, from today on we’ll see … no changes at all. Not for hubs and me since we’re old and boring, and all non-essential biznizzez will remain open. So we can go on caring about Oubaas, visiting the gym, drive around, even interprovincial (but why would we?) and buy our booze … which we don’t anyway.

How are Second Wave measures in your respective countries? Do your politicos at least recognize there is a Second Wave? What are they doing? I know in Germany (you know the formerly best organized country on the planet) it’s just hand-wringing and panic and nobody knows what to do and nobody has any contingency plans. Good for hubby and me, since I doubt they can force us anytime soon to get on our annual trip home to roost.

International jet-setting is a lot less glamorous these days anyway. 😐

I hope you guys don’t have to go anywhere anytime soon. Oh, xmas with the family? You crazy? Fuck ’em if you love ’em and have a drink on them from afar. And again hubby and me are happy. We at least have each other and aren’t expected to drop in momma’s apartment anyway. She just had her 99th birthday, is weak from bolts in her broken shoulder and cancer radio therapy and already happy we sent her an expensive flower bouquet. Still lives on her own, dreams about traveling and won’t ever move into an old-people’s home coz there’s only old people there (all 20 years her junior but she don’t care). So we’re good staying exactly where we are now.

I hope you can stay put as well. It’s the best anyone can do right now!

Don’t forget to sanitize and eat your veggies. SURVIVE!



  1. I got an email from the town mayor informing me that our county, plus Greater London and most of the other counties around it here in England, are moving to Tier 3 Lockdown from Wednesday, due to rising Covid-19 cases. Meanwhile, the UK government is insisting that Christmas isn’t cancelled, and encouraging everyone to eat, drink and be merry. You can probably guess the size of the facepalm I made last night.

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      • Yeah, I saw that. Sums up how Britain is handling Covid-19. 😦 Seriously, if people had been encouraged to wear masks and socially distance back in March, we wouldn’t be in this mess. But then, we have a government that is more interested in killing poor people, destroying the National Health Service, and even crashing the UK economy (as long as they and their backers can profit from it). The only difference from the USA is that our covidiots don’t carry guns, and our blond wannabe-dictator is staying in office…

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        • Poor you. 😦
          I can tell you hubby and me are so happy we got out of The West before it became what it is today. 😐

          But I never know what to make of the UK. As a European by heart I found Brexit very very stupid at first sight, then later decided you did the right thing, as Brussels is regulating everything to death and slowly killing democracy. Then I felt sorry for you again for having to suffer clowns like Boris and Farrage.

          Meanwhile we’re watching the series “Yes, Minister” and “Yes, Prime Minister” for the umpteenth time. What a genius show. 🙂


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