Santa’s Wife

Looking for the shortest and bestest and most consequential xmas stories? Look no further than Laurence Simon’s 100-Word-Stories blog. Today we’ll lift a well-kept secret …

Santa’s Wife

Andrew was fascinated by Santa Claus.

After decades of research, one thing he could never answer was: what was Mrs. Claus’ name?

While out hiking in Norway, he came across a strange cave.

It was warm and green inside, populated by tiny people, singing happily, building toys.

All watched over by the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

“Niobe,” said a voice, and Andrew turned to face an ancient man with a long white beard.

“Which makes you… Merlin,” said Andrew.

The ancient wizard smiled. “And I can’t let you leave.”

Meat made the elves work harder and sing happier.


    • I know hun, I know. But Laurence’s story goes like “most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. “Niobe,” said a voice”, that’s why I put up the Weeping Rock in Manisa, Turkey. Didn’t wanna illustrate the story with the photo of a fat granny in Santa costume.


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