Prison: Day 263

Two weeks!

2 weeks of hard lockdown is all it takes to get rid of the Coronavirus in any country. 2 fukn weeks, not 4 or 6 weeks, or even 9 months, as most of us have experienced by now. Of course countries must keep all their borders closed for a while longer … but inside your territory you should be clean by then. Look at the Kiwis and the Chinese. For them Covid-19 is just a bad memory of the spring 2020.

Now it’s obviously too hard for many humans to self-isolate for 14 days. They miss the social contacts and parties and rather risk the lifes of millions instead of biting the teeth and going thru it with some dignity.

Of course this only werkz if and when everybody is going with the plan. Can’t stay at home for two weeks while outside all the deniers and covidiots are roaming free and protesting their gvmts. 😦

Oh how I hate humanity today. 😐

Of course not you, dear readers, for you are totally sanitary model citizens. Playing it cool, playing it save. Right?

Stay kleen, stay healthy, survive this shit!


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