Santa Credit Ratings

Good morning my beautiful babies!

Before I swoosh off to the gym (before it’ll be closed down again due to the 2nd wave) I just wanna relay one of Laurence Simon’s 100-Word Stories to you. This one should come in handy if you got a huge, expensive xmas wish list. 🙂

I gotta say though, despite the new MacBook Air not being the most politically correct thing, I wouldn’t mind having one myself. That girl’s got excellent taste for a 10 years old, no?

Santa credit ratings

Santa knows when you’ve been good or bad.

He also knows if you’re a good or bad credit risk.

Credit rating agencies constantly ask Santa for assessments.

Because it’s easy to fool the credit rating agencies.

Or fill their records with all kinds of false reports.

But, try as you might, you can’t fool Santa.

Leaving milk and cookies on the mantel is one way to get your credit score up.

And sending a thank you note after Christmas will net you a few points.

As for sexual favors, well, the naughtier, the better your chances for a Gold card.

Any (sugar)daddies reading this bloggo (the gift that keeps on giving) and feeling they have to give some little xmas prezzie to the long-suffering editrix, I wouldn’t exactly say No to the new MacBook Air myself. You can keep the rest of the crap, I only need the new Apple Silicon. Come on, it’s only 998 American woolongs, so give your heart a little nudge and make me a happy penguin. I promise the day after xmas I’ll try to make it useful by installing ArchLinux on it. 😉

Thank you! 😉 … she says and wiggles her @$$ in a superduper awkward way, thinking it’d be sexually arousing


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