Prison: Day 262

Only 2 newnesses from the Covid-front today, and both – surprise! – about the Second Wave. :/

At least in SA they became active and the presi decided to play the Grinch and cancelled all the huge beach parties. Booh!, what a meaniepooface! How dare he saving lifes just like that, by spoiling the fun of our youngsters?

But, pssssht, I know exactly that South Africa has thousands of miles of untouched beaches were people can go and surf, drink, party, fornicate, throw up and get infected with Covid-19 far outside of any jurisdiction.

But come on, admit it, you’re old and boring and spend the festive season hunched over your laptops, celebrating all the wild orgies Second Life can throw at you – from the comfort of your home, with brownies and milk instead of hard drinks and drugs. Right? Hubby and me, we do as well, and that makes us and you, readers, heroes of our time!

And survivors.

Ok, video time for hubby and me, cya tomorrow


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