The Second Life Book Club with Draxtor – SPECIAL – Social Media, what is it good for?

Yawn … 😐

I guess whoever’s a resident of Second Life knows what they want and expect from social media, no? I mean with SL being an extra special snowflake among all the social medias, and we all being experts on SL, we’re actually the poster children of Social Media V2! 🙂

\o/ YAY us! \o/ 😐

But instead of reading Orca’s awkwardly long-winded intros, let’s watch the show:

Join us on Wednesday, December 9th at 12pm PT/SLT with a packed panel of deep thinkers on the past, present, and future of social media. The panel includes bestselling and award-winning authors Claire Evans, Joanne McNeil, Jenny Odell, and Jonathan Lethem.…

Claire L. Evans is a singer, writer, and artist.

Joanne McNeil is a writer, editor, and art critic.

Jenny Odell is an artist, writer, and educator.

Jonathan Lethem is a novelist, essayist, and short-story writer.


Youtube Playlist:

Reading List:

The Second Life Book Club is a series of literary-minded events. For more information, and to suggest show topics or guests, please visit

The Second Life Book Club is streamed live on:




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