Thank You Merkel … not! :(

Now look what you done, you stupid moo! 😮 66% of Germans are self-pronounced Putin fans and even the conservative industry leaders wanna be awesome friends with Russia and make profitable business. But you and your hateful clicque of incompetent doofuses had to gamble away all our chances to stay a worthwile partner in the 21st century. 😦

There goes our friendship, our money and our future. 😮

Did you know that that Herr Maas is generally regarded as an assclown among the German population? Russia’s been nothing but great and tolerant towards Germany and the rest of Europe. They just wanna be friends … for mutual benefits. Now when they hear Merkel and Maas talking, they are disappointed about being duped so badly by the West, and looking for better friends in the far east. We’re collectively ashamed about such a dumdum as Heiko Maas being responsible for our international relations. 😦

Sorry, real sorry. :/


    • Will be?
      THEY ARE, hun, they already are. With mighty Russia clearly being the junior partner.

      We already witnessed the first twenty years of the Asian Century. Not just China but all the tiger states, too. And they don’t look like slowing down anytime soon. And westernized Japan, Taiwan and S Korea will be driven into spectator roles.

      Asking me, I can hardly wait.


      • I don’t disagree… except I’m not on board with all the damn surveillance and lack of personal freedom.

        I’m thankful not to be a large business owner in Hong King right now, as China implements their govt control.

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        • “surveillance and lack of personal freedom.”
          Where did you know that from? The Chinese are much too many to be surveilled as closely as the Brits are by now. And I guess the Chinese gvmt can’t care less about what everyone’s doing. The amount of personal freedom in China is in praxis much bigger than in Europe, USA. And although communist, the people have much more say in day to day politics. They get questionaires and ballots all the time where they can vote on all kinds of political questions.

          “Hong King right now”
          … is by all means and purposes a part of the PRC, but was still granted a transition period. All fair and square, and pretty nice actually. And there aren’t many large businesses left in HK anyway, particularly since the Chinese built the multi mega metropole Shenzhen right across the border and HK is losing all meaning. I guess it’ll still have a role as a free trade zone, but apart from that its appeal is gone.

          If you wanna settle in China and make big bucks, Shenzhen is the place to be! Much more hip and modern n stuff. 😉


          • 15 govt surveillance cams on every on every corner, most adv facial recognition sys in world, “re-education” camps, constantly monitored. No thanks!

            It came up in a team mtg because I was warned to be aware of Chinese employees’ limitations on convo and that they will sometimes go completely silent after a question then redirect the convo.

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