Prison: Day 260

Yep! After a lot of foreboding and Orca creating a panic, now it’s confirmed: South Africa is officially in the grips of the second wave of Covid-19!

Some stats from highhly developed Germany:

Not a month or a week, 590 death a day!

In the whole EU they has 3,992 murders in 2018, Covid kills that many people in a week. 2 fully booked A320 airliners plus crew each and every day. And we’re seriously discussing if we need a hard lockdown … at all??? 😮

Twice a day … every day!

My dear fellow Earthlings, I expect infection rates are going up in your respective countries of residence as well … or not? If not, then congratz on your capable govmt and health dpts. Please let us know what trick they used to fight Covid-19 and how they succeeded. Let me guess: A short but very strict lockdown for everybody, right? Let the virus run itself out by not finding new victims. Simple but effective way to get rid of a pandemic, when you don’t have any working vaccines yet.

And still, our great leaders are discussing publicly about visiting your families for xmas, opening all the shops and stores, permitting mass gatherings … crazy fukkaz! 😮 I so hope all our leaders, chancellors, prime ministers, presidents, big kahunas and fascist dictators will come out of this pandemic more damaged than the economy! They all, from Asia, via Europe and Africa down to America have gambled away their legal rights to govern a nation, any nation!

Don’t you think so?

12 times each day! In little Germany alone.

Guys, once this shit is over an done with I propose a global revolution. Let’s clean the place up, and let’s start with sweeping our leaders away, into the bin of useless historical figures!

But until then we will survive, ok? We will be good neighbours by making ourselves invisible and making superduper low impact and zero contact. If every person on the planet would act responsibly, we could be over the Coronavirus, and be done with it inside the next 2 – 4 weeks.

cya guys on the flipside



  1. Today’s projection is for the US to total over 325,000 covid deaths* in January.

    *that only counts deaths where covid was the primary cause. If covid causes, say, a heart attack then heart attack is the cause of death and it’s not added to the covid total.

    And my supervisor is still a denier and anti-masker… and wants to have a face:face lunch. Hell to the NO!!

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      • YES!!
        Covid denier. Anti Masker. And TIL: 911 conspiracy believer (“the plane hit the pentagon exactly where the servers with incriminating info where housed, to destroy them! The owner of the twin towers tripled his insurance, specifically for acts of terrorism, 3 weeks before!”

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        • Come on, don’t be stupid Darksecretguy!

          Not actually in prison. I’m a mostly gud grrl and stay out of trubbelz. I found the idea to liken the lockdown and self-quarantining to a prison sentence kinda funny and fitting in the beginning, like 9 mths ago. Soon I learned that there is no correlation to real prison time but pigheadedly decided to stick to the name Prison: Day xxx for my Corona diary.

          We still can, and are, getting out almost every day, training at the re-opened gym, restoring our van, shopping for groceries n stuff. We just cut back from the big safaris and international flights.

          I hope you do your reasonable best as well.


  2. More stats:
    Mayor Eric Garcetti dropped another staggering statistic. “In Los Angeles, someone is dying of COVID-19 every 20 minutes,” he said.

    Thursday reported 12,819 new cases [in L.A. County], smashing the record set on Sunday.

    There were 3,634 virus-infected people hospitalized in L.A. County on Thursday. That’s a 6% increase just since Wednesday and a new high. “It’s very possible that in two weeks we could see the daily number of people hospitalized at 4,000 a day,” said L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer.

    The news came on the same day that California saw its highest number of COVID-related deaths ever at 220. The nation at large on Wednesday suffered its highest daily number of coronavirus-related deaths ever at over 3,000.

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    • And your policy makers are still debating about Covid being a hoax and lockdown not needed. 😦

      Wanna hear my pretty negative prediction for the next couple years? Whole world, even including Europe will be over and done with Covid in late 21, and everything will be back to normal. Whole world but the USA which will stil be in a crisis it wasn’t properly prepared for. So American travellers will be banned from all other countries, and nobody will travel to the USA and nobody wanna do business with you guys. 😦

      Ok, we never wanted your cars anyway, your computers are made in China, and hopefully Merkel will be nice enough to Putin so the Russians will continue to build Nordstream 2.

      In other words: The world can go on without the badly aging diva America … but can America stay glamorous without the world?


      • I also think this will be the nail in the coffin for America being considered a super power. We’ll be lucky to sit at the kids table!

        It seems clear that China will be the next superpower. They already own a great deal if the US. If they call in our debts, they’ll own our country outright!

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        • Now now, you still have one or the other nuke, which makes you unpredictable and dangerous. America has also the biggest military in the world and the most bases on foreign soil. If anyone tries to collect your debts it can end bad for them. That’s why everybody’s still playing with you.

          China is a superpower. Financially and industrially. Their military is rather weak I guess. Not that it matters because if everybody engages in a WW3 it’s lights out for all of us, superpower or not. 😮


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