Nothing’s Gonna Stop EOS Now!

After lounging around #11 for much too long, now suddenly EndeavourOS’s upwards momentum becomes steadily unstoppable again …

I guess we got the good old young EOS now firmly established as a Top10 Linux distro! And our devs deserve nothing less than big applesauce for this success. Say what you want, complain about the super simple – and not even totally new – idea of using an already well-known Arch installer and giving the users a bunch of desktop environments being a super simple and already used distribution path (Namib GNU/Linux, Archman) … yeah, sounds easy peasy. But you didn’t do it! Neither did I. And frederic2ec of Namib went AWOL and the Archman devs speak only Turkish, so there. :/ But the EndeavourOS guys did. And they are seeing it through, they made a nice homepage, a kinda magazine, and a wonderful forum. Aaaaaaaand … they refrained from putting too much superfluous shit on top of the very basic installations. They trust in their users to know for themselves what they want and how to get it. That makes EOS the most true-to-ArchLinux derivative! And that’s why we all love it so much.

Congratz EndeavourOS on gaining #9 in the DistroWatch nonsense ranking.

Terrible! But the title fits.

And since we’re already talking about EOS, here’s a review by fosspost. And on how2shout EOS made 3rd-best Linux system with a GUI. Hehe, so much for the “terminal centric” shit ppl are trying to tell us. Truth is that EndeavourOS and Arch Linux are exactly as terminal centric as the desktop environments/window managers people are running it on. Capisce?

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