Poor Little Gaga … and Poor Little Oubaas :/

Was bored, installed Singu, logged in world …

No fun looking at a semi-rezzed world for multiple minutes. 😦

… and little Gaga went crazy. The fan sounded like a starting heli and I was really concerned my little ersatz-ersatz-computer would go up in flames. So I just set up and customized everything to my personal liking, made a selfie … and then quickly logged off.

Fine looking legacy bish: Orca Flotta

I really hope GagaMore will be sorted soon and then maybe, hopefully we’ll have also some spare money for MiniMax’s refurb on AMD. Probably not. Oubaas needs all the funds we have. 😮

Poor little old tortured computer: Gaga

Talken ’bout Oubaas, his water or oil light went on, so after gym I drove to my mechanic, passing our local smurf village …

This metro bus station was vandalized during the taxi war two years ago, when the smurfs were on the war path, and is still waiting for repair. 😐
I doubt this optimistic bizniz owner has ever seen any German furniture in his life. :/
My mechanic is always so busy, he can’t even find the time to hang his workshop sign up. Fortunately he’s always up to save Oubaas and me.
This plastic kit car is still waiting for service …
… while Oubaas receives some TLC!

As you can see, my RL right now is pretty hectic, and my computers aren’t really up for playing in SL anyway, so I guess my visits in world will be even more seldom until I’ve got the situation under control. 😐

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