My Fave Linux Distros 2020

Heheh! 🙂

As every Linux blogger or YouTuber so am I gonna make my best of the year list. But as typical for Orca it’ll be quite different from the others’s efforts. I just didn’t put enough work and research into the Linuxverse to have it all checked out. Also I’m not interstested in confusing you with various top choices. One has to do. One will do!

I much rather give you more than one usage scenario, as I find that more practical and more befitting my audience of fresh and future Linux housewives. 😉 And I also discriminate in between mind states, because that’s a very important aspect when chosing your personal Linux distro.

On my two surviving machines I run EOS, I trust that system, so I don’t need to install Mint or Sparky.

Got it? Okay, then let’s see what I came up with. And I can promise you there won’t be any surprises or outsider/revolutionary distros:

  • For curious beginners/newcomers there can only be one. The legendary one-size-fits-all Linux Mint. Take that and be happy for the rest of your spectacular life!
  • For scaredy cats who don’t like changes but prefer idiocy proof stability there is the good old Debian. It’s also the best Linux to power your internet servers. Since you’re already familiar with Mint, I recommend The Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE). If you’re a bit more advanced and don’t like/need Mint’s guidance anymore, there is always the humble but oh-so-very-good SparkyLinux. It’s also easy to install and comes in a variety of flavours.
  • So, now with the necessities out of the way let’s play a bit, shall we? Orca’s personal favourite Linux distro is EndeavourOS, the bestest Arch Linux derivative! Easy to install, it comes with a whole plethora of various desktop environments (yes, your fave Cinnamon is among them) and Window Managers, all in their barest base config. No chaperone, no nanny; every piece of luxury you gotta install yourself. EOS is Sugar- and fat-free, just like we Archies prefer it.
Orca once installed Endeavour with the fashionable Cinnamon desktop just so you guys can see there’s no big diff between Mint and EOS

Disappointed much? Because this is the shortest Best-of list ever in this blog? You maybe think there aren’t enough good distros out there to be taken into account. Naaw, it’s quite the opposite. The whole Linux ecosystem is so mature and good these days, I could name you a dozen favourite distros … but I won’t. Becoz I’m a bitch. And because I have my own taste and don’t wanna lie to you or make compromises.

I’m writing since years that the Linux world is consolidated and many distros have reached absolute prime-time levels of convenience and user-friendliness. Yes, there may be more n00b-friendly distros apart from Mint, Linux Lite for example, but I don’t like them. And this is my personal opinion blog, so there.

I’ve stopped distro hopping for the most part since there is not much to gain from it. I know what I want and can expect from my computer operating system, and for me Endeavour is the best. I also always keep a fresh copy of Linux Mint at hand, ready to grab and install quickly on any ersatz-computer in case my machines are all bust. That’s cause it’s the unbitchiest Linux around and installs on any kind of hardware – maybe even on your toaster – so I don’t need to deal with Arch’s temporary diva-esque attitudes. Mint will always give me good service right out of the box.


    • Naaw, we use old timey Linux, all analog. Only instead of punchcards we’re using punchbreads in order to install Linux on the toaster. But at least it’s a 4-core machine. =^.^=


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