Oh GagaMore :(

She made me sooooooo proud. She was so good to me. The best little office machine evaaar! And yesterday she fokked up. 😮 Well, not completely, just the keyboard stopped werking. All you cellphone and tablet ignoramouses will never even begin to comprehend what an astonishingly important part of any computer such a keyboard truly is.

Here! This blog is typed on a keyboard, and as funny and sexy colourful piccies may be, totally without any text the blog just wouldn’t be the same. :/ So last night I tried figgering out what might be the problem, put another keyboard in the same port, put this keyboard into another computer (this here) and tried other externals on the port. Everything werked quite nicely, just not the combination of this keyboard and its standard port on GagaMore.

So off to the Lenovo outlet store I drove …

… where they tried to tell me all kinds of shit. “Driver is out of date …”

“Listen guys, this is ArchLinux, I don’t get mutiple updates every fukn day, to deal with outdated drivers. My keyboard is at least 3 years old and the Linux kernel is always fresh on my machine.” Took ’em a while to get it. And the white boss of the black tec even said he wanted to “learn Ubuntu” so he can deliver better service. I was like “Whaaaaa…?” 😮 I mean, what did he want to learn? Modern Linux distros are like Install and Forget and just Use and be Awesome.

What are those normies thinking? I bet they are now installing Windows on my machine and with some accidental luck, the port will start werking again … and the clueless fux will push the blame on Linux. 😦 That won’t help me in the least, and they probably will charge me 1 or 2 hours of labour. 😦 Let’s wait and see …

Anyway, after I was done there I drove Oubaas home …

… where Gaga was waiting for me. But oy vey, it had Fedora installed. Ya, I know, good distro, talk of the town, super duper … fuk all that! Fedora needs to go, clear the road and make room for a Linux for adults!

Yes, the good old EOS! Quickly installed … and here I am, back on blogging duty!

Ok, Gaga is okay, more than just ok, it makes a damn good emergency computer. But it is noticeable slower than Gagamore. Also I forgot to backup my bookmarks. 😦 Ain’t I always so clever and tell you guys to make backups of your data? Yes, I have everything, except the last 2 days of photos … and my bookmarks! 😮 How? Why? How could I forget? What went through my mind? 😦

Anyhoo, the guys at the Lenovo store told me they won’t delete GagaMore’s SSD but put their own in and install Windows on that. Pheeew… 😐


    • “All over a keyboard?? Gah!!”

      It’s a good one, mechanical, and although I’m a very slow and erratic typist I wouldn’t wanna miss it. Most important input device! Once it’s gone I can’t blog no more. 😦
      And it’s not really about the kb itself but there’s something wrong with the port. When the Lenovo guys put their own kb on they noticed heavy input lag of up to several seconds. Of course they blamed Linux for it. 😦 What doofuses. 😦


        • Very good, real human beings should never devolutionize that far to type on a glass surface. There is no dignity involved in that shit.


          • The digital keyboards are always floating over the critical fields! And mine had a habit of popping up when there was no obvious reason for it. I had to disable it. I’m quite amused that the few times I’ve needed it, because I’d gone into tablet mode, it couldn’t be enabled without the keyboard being attached. Major design flaw!!


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