The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Or: The Joys of Owning a Prehistoric Automobile 😐

Ok, today noon, me wanting to leave in order to buy a new toilet seat. Then at the gate I notice the automatic gearbox slips and Oubaas hardly propels forward. 😮 Ok, toilet seat’s gotta wait, me and Oubaas slouching slowly to the mechanic …

While checking for Automatic geearbox fluid Kobus figgers out the pipe for the dipstick is loose, tells his guys to get busy while he fabricates a new mounting thing
Meanwhile a new patient arrives: Ford F-150 with some Jap engine, about to become a 100 times more expensive restomod project than Oubaas
Oubaas is done. Quickly fill up with a gallon of automatic fluid
Back on my parking lot I see Oubaas did leak a bit last night. I just didn’t notice when I left a couple hours earlier

Pheew, ok. Van and driver saved … for now. :/

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