Picture Test! *EDIT*

Mörnin’ guys.

Showing you two super pretty and aesthetic photos and wanna know if they show on your machine, which of them shows or if both are no shows:

Linked from Postimages
Linked from Google Photos

I’m switching between services since both have outages sometimes and don’t let me upload to blog. Let’s see if it works today. Both services are working fine on my side and giving me no probs.

Please gimme feedback about how they occur to you in the comments.

Thankies galore


2nd test:

How both photos look on Orca’s computer. Linked from Postimages


      • Good to know. Thx!

        I was catching up on posts and noticed a bunch are appearing with opening quotation marks in subscript. I know that’s common for some languages but not English, where I’m seeing them. Wonder if it’s another glitch.

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        • I don’t even know what that means “subscript”. And isn’t it typical for English in long quotes, to start every paragraph of that quote with new opening quotation marks? In German we don’t use those, only on opening and end of quote.


          • Yes on the long quotes but I don’t know if it’s still taught cause I rarely see it.

            Subscript = set low, below the standard line of text. English quotation marks, open and close, are usually top-aligned to text but today a bunch of opening marks were bottom aligned. Google tells me that’s EU and Dutch standard.

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            • Dunno how it’s nowadays, German gramar underwent a couple revisions in the last 20 years. With intentions to make it more easy … they mucked it up like totally.
              But quotation marks, when I learned writing the first quote mark was subscript, the end quote on top. Guess those times are gone since this won’t work on a computer keyboard, or does it?


              • Google referred to American quotation marks (both top aligned) as being a Microsoft thing.
                I know the bottom aligned ones are buried somewhere (symbols) but don’t recall if that option is available by default in the current wp editor.

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              • Over here, they stopped teaching handwriting. Everything was (is?) print only. It amuses me to know that as an oldie I have a default “code” that some millenials and young can’t read!

                Ditto for analog clocks.

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                • We’re some kinda witches, producing black magick! 🙂

                  And now marvel at this: I know how to develop analog films and make printouts in my secret laboratory I call the “dark room”. Or I used to until I gave it all away when cleaning out our garage after haven’t touched anything analog/chemical in 25 years.


                  • Me too!!! I could also take verbal word to printed book. My AA was in “printing technology” judt as it was going digital. NBD since I only got it because someone pointed out I only needed 1 credit to get the AA. I started that degree path in order to do camera stripping of 2’x3′ negatives to silkscreen my boyfriend onto a tshirt. He’d wear it and watch people trying to figure out where they’d seen the guy.

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