An Update


Again and again I must defend ArchLinux distros against all you Ubuntu/Debian fans. Yes, I know 3 to 6 updates every day may seem like a lot of time-consuming maintenance. At least compared with your slowpoke distros. But then … lemme show you something:

Giant update today: About 150 programs … took an awful long 5 minutes … in which I could work on and didn’t need to stop anything. Neither was I kicked out off my system like Microsoft does it to their Windows users.
Then I did the same update on my lame-ass OrcNet, with a couple less things to be updated. Took also only 5 minutes. 😉 And the best thing is, in Linux you decide for yourself at what time you gonna update. Can do it at once, in a couple hours, tomorrow, next week or at the end of the month. No harm, no foul.

Oh, and before I forget: Don’t listen to the negative nellies telling you horror stories about how dangerously damning Arch-updates are. It’s bullcrap! You know the geeks at Arch upstream are some of the brightest minds in the Linuxverse, once they send down updated packages to us poor clueless users, those are tested by a dozen crash test dummies.

You can trust these nerds!

For example they held back the latest Thunderbird update to version 78 for multiple days since they discovered some bugs by the Mozilla team. You see we’re in good hands on ArchLinux. Even better than on almost-Arch Manjaro, which was on 78 already a couple days before we got it on EndeavourOS. Still looooooong before any Debian- or Ubuntu-based distro.

Super save update to the latest Tunderbird!

And the usability? Endeavour is available in Cinnamon, Mate and Xfce flavours (among many others), so the operation shouldn’t be more challenging than using your friendly Mint. Yes, I know, new Arch users usually do start on Manjaro but that isn’t as stable as real Arch or 99.999% Arch EndeavourOS.

Endeavour comes highly recommended. Go try it out!


  1. Hi Andreas, I have 3.32.0 I guess. Oh noes, that is a program called Pakete in German. Neverever using Pamac but Pacman exclusively. If I ever install new software at all. And I have the Pamac as it came installed with the system, so I wouldn’t look for it in the AUR anyway.

    … just noticed I don’t have Pamac installed on my computer. 😮 Is that bad?


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