• “If it makes him happy, without hurting anyone, good for him.”
      Oh I bet some SJWs will be crawling out of the woodwork, finding a reason to be offended.

      “But I admit it’s confusing that his Insta profile includes “sex maniac”.”
      It’s ok as long as inflatable wife is rugged enough and washable.


        • “I’m intrigued.”

          Male gay? Uuugh! 😮
          As non practicing Second Life lesbian I kinda prefer to look at girl on girl sex, coz, come on, we are better looking and more sensual, no?
          But really, no, I’ve banned all sex from my SL since years and years, using my limited online time for more useful stuff.


          • I was totally into man-on-man for a looong time. I spent about 20yrs living in the gay male community. For the first 5 or so, when men were still closeted, I was a well known faghag. But that was a past life

            Now? No sex at all IRL. As my last casual situation ended I decided I prefer being a crazy cat lady.

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            • I hope you realise that cats are natural pricks, like the assholes of the animal kingdom. If you wanna find a true animalistic friend, you should adopt a puppy.


              • Yes… I quiet enjoy cats being assholes! I love all animals. I had a great dog while growing up. I was actually intending to get a small dog when I came across the kittens that started my adult cat lady-ness. I seem to be a cat whisperer… able to attract and tame ferals… so I just go with it.

                I say that dogs offer unconditional love; cats offer conditional love.

                Maybe I like it cause I was raised with conditional love.

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                • “I say that dogs offer unconditional love; cats offer conditional love.”
                  Love? They tolerate us on the conditon we open their tuna cans for them. Is nothing but a bizniz transaction. My hubby is a regular cat magnet since he’s sitting warm and soft in his wheelchair and doesn’t move his legs too fast. A nice comfy resting spot for taking a nap. But love?

                  “Maybe I like it cause I was raised with conditional love.”
                  Oh, you too? All I’ve learned from my parental units was to say Yuck Fou to other people and be happy without anybody around me.


                  • Oh, some of my cats have been love bugs!! I agree it’s rare… but it’s there. I used to have one that like to held like a human baby and would suckle on clothing while in that position. Who needs (or wants) human babies?!?

                    I’ve started to be really attracted to aggro cats. Earning their trust feels great, and I’ve developed a really high tolerance for bites and scratches!!

                    Plus I see the neighbor’s completely out of control, stupid, dog all the time (arrived trained and they managed to untrain it!) and think NO THANK YOU!!

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                    • “Who needs (or wants) human babies?!?”

                      With nearly 8 billion of us assholes on this overpopulated marble certainly not me. I’ve got a hubby, who is – like all men – a baby deeply within his own head, and needs a lot of TLC. =^.^=


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