Car Mechanic Orca


Naaw, not really.

Just taking this cheapo China shit …
… and replacing the leaky old one with it isn’t really mechanics. Just LEGO for adults and trying to make it fit … more or less.

Still, it fukn werkz!!! Me, I did this! Guess hubby was correct calling me the van fairie. So, let’s see if it sprinkles magick glitter now instead of soapie water. =^.^=



  1. Women can do stuff, hell yea! Like me replacing the water filler thingy in my toilet. I did that! And my butt crack didn’t show once the whole time 🙂

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    • “Women can do stuff”
      … more gracefully than men! 🙂

      “my butt crack didn’t show”
      … which is generally implied as impossibe when doing plumbing stuff. Don’t say you’re a fairie, too?


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