I was out and about scouting for a potential parcel as home base for a new yacht club to replace TrYC. Rupali – you know the woman who bought Triumphal from Trap – contacted me since she wasn’t happy with how the deal was managed and the stand-offishness by some TrYC officials. I told her I’m the wrong person to contact since I’m only a TrYC big kahuna has-been and anyways hardly in world anymore. But I thought if I have a landseller right here, at my disposal, why not ask her what’s available as a little oceanside plot we can use as a new homebase for TrYC’s successor club.

Rupali complied and sent me a list … and I went on a little scouting trip. Let’s see what I found:

They are the lands available as of now. All others are rented. The buy price and rent price are indicative and negotiable.

4096 sq m, Sailable River to great Zindra Ocean, Protected Premium Land, Perfect for home, store, office Peaceful and Low Lag Sim, Expandable at the back.

On Zindra, but in a river quite a way away from Ursula Bay

2048, Sim Edge. 64 x 32 Rectangle Sailable. Ocean Front. Protected. Beautiful and Peaceful

I don’t know how far we get from here.

2048 sq m, Beach Land. Protected on two sides, Sea and Road. Huge Sailable Region with more than 60 sims. Connects Nautilus and Corsica.

Nice, very nice.

8192 sq m, Premium Blake Sea Access land. East facing Sunrise View. Sail to entire Blake sea and nearby regions. Perfect Rectangle.

Strugatzky, on the other side of Bingo Strait. Perfect location near Farragut line. Old TrYC courses could be used in modified form. I love it.

8192 sq m, Rare Water connected Land. Sunrise view. Sailable to Sansara Sea and entire Sansara Continent. Expandable to 16,384 m.

Wingo, variable sizes, Sea of Fables. Waterlogged parcel so much space for boats. I also kinda loved that one. We’d be the probably only active yacht club in the beautiful old world.

3072 sq m, Sailable Adult River corner land connecting to the Great Zindra Ocean. Two side protected.

Zindra again, river, interesting but not optimal.

Triumphal. Old Home. Two parcel sizes are available here 8192 and 16,384 sq m.

Triumphal: Do we wanna go there and settle in the middle of the lagoon?

Ok, that’s what I could find out quickly. Lucy and Bianca, it’s not my job anymore but as you know Triumphal and TrYC was my spiritual home since 2009 and I’m very interested in finding a new home base for the remnants of the club. Theoretically we’re a fukn huge club of 500 eager sailors, so maybe if one of you starts a crowdsourcing campaign in group message, asking for monetary and tier donations it should be possible to get some seriously good land.

Good girl me will chip in my 1,024 m².

The LMs didn’t make it into the blog but I sent the original notecard already to Bia and Lucy. If any TrYC members are interested in a new base and want to investigate, just IM me inworld and I’ll send you a copy, too.

What you all think? Start the brainstorm in comments below …

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