Not redonk complicated at all!

Your fellow blog reader and blogger LeendaDLL just compiled a list of LS county Covid restrictions. Interesting …partly pretty lenient, partly draconian. An interesting read.

LeendaDLL (aka: The Bus To Sorry)

The LA County covid restrictions as of Mon, Nov 30. Some may already be in place exactly as stated. Who knows anymore??

Omatra: I’ve noticed go-carts are now frequently mentioned for some reason, but still not funeral homes.

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  1. I forgot to add that we’re also pn a 10pm to 5am (6am in Long Beach) curfew. Though, really, it only means non-essential businesses must be closed. And tons of things are “essential”… grocery stores, pharmacies (which are almost always full stores), and I think even liquor & convenience stores.

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        • Good decision! I’m so proud of you, daughter! Because, contrary to common believe, alcohol won’t solve your problems. And it tastes like sheet! 😮


          • But it’s such a great temporary break from my anxiety!!

            Marijuana is legal here but I don’t like it at all. I don’t react well.

            I keep reading that Oregon legalized all recreational drugs. I haven’t confirmed the details but its been the butt of many jokes.

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            • I’m far from being an expert on that exotic country far far away, that the indigenous people just call “The States” but afaik is your federal state known as Oregon a kinda recreational drug in and on itself, no? I know where I’d live if forced to move to that country. Washington is too rainy and cold (and I’d always had wonderful Vancouver dangling in front of my nose to make me jealous coz as an Americann they don’t want me there), and California being … well, California; Oregon is nicely nestled in between those two and a super pretty state with a very relaxed populous.

              But so far nobody’s forcing me to go over there, so I stay in EuroAfrica where life is really sweet and trippy.


              • Just thinking, if I had to move over the waters, I’d not live in a house but become a full-time van-dweller, spending the summers in Canada and the winters in Mexico. I’d use the states as a kinda autobahn, a link and rest stop between North and South. The USA would serve the same role Germany plays for Europe: They need it to go through, shop for stuff, fill up, but nobody wanna stay.


              • I haven’t moved past my impressions from visiting Oregon in the 80s, when they openly yelled at our car to “GO BACK HOME!” and hated tourists. I hope to visit Portland some day, to update my view.

                “California… the land of fruits and nuts!”

                Spokane seems nice, though probably too cold for me. As a native Californian, I have zero tolerance for cold!!

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                • ““California… the land of fruits and nuts!””


                  “Spokane seems nice, though probably too cold for me. As a native Californian, I have zero tolerance for cold!!”

                  And you shouldn’t!
                  In fact nobody should. Even as a German from the north I never got this fascimation with snow and subzero temperatures and slushy mud, icey bicycle saddles 😮 and frozen fingerz and the all-day darkness and Xmas and shit. What’s so sexy about wearing big fat sweaters, parkas and moon boots? I much rather reduce my whole wardrobe to just bikinis. Pitch me a tent at a lonely beach, gimme some surfboards and I’m happy.


                  • Well, I look like the whale I am in a bikini but no one sees that in my backyard! Well, maybe low flying private planes (I’m near an airport).. but I don’t care!!

                    It’s 48F outside right now (1:30am). I tried to bring LBK inside but only GhostMoshi showed up. He can stay till he fights a perm cat.

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                    • “I look like the whale I am in a bikini”

                      Still feels better than wearing a multitude of thick layers on top of your natural ones, no?



  2. “Striptease class… booty shorts and a tank top!”

    You attend striptease classes? Congratz! That will show the boys!


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