1. I think we’re still #1!! Los Angeles is adding more lockdowns on Mon as we’re up to over 4500 positive tests per day, just in LA county. As near as I can tell, the changes are no gathering with non family members (except church & some other “protected right”), and further reductions in people allowed inside whatever businesses are open. It’s become extremely confusing to me… just issue the full lockdown again!

    1 in every 145 people in LA County is positive. In one of the Dakota states, it’s 1 in 10.

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    • “(except church & some other “protected right”)”
      Of course they are allowed, they are conservative assholes so they are above the law.

      “It’s become extremely confusing to me”
      To you and probably the poor suckers tasked with enforcing the confusing rules, too. In fact a full lockdown and some easypeasy rules for venturing outside would be best.


      • Going back to March, full lockdown, makes the most sense but it’ll never happen.

        The other protected group is political protesters or something like that. Churches had to close till last week, when the new “Christian”/Republican majority supreme court overturned previous rulings and decided they can’t be forced to comply with safety rules.

        Oh… stats on my tv as I type… Long Beach (where I live) currently has a 364% increase in covid hospitalizations over..??.. last month???

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        • “364%”

          *gulps 😮
          Are they fukn krayzee??? I’ve heard any infection rate above 5% gets status “Out Of Control” by the WHO!

          Oh my 😦


          • Lol… overall infection rate is still around 4%, I think.
            But 3.64x as many people went to the hospital… 100 last month would be 364 this month. And I think last month was 50-some hospitalized. I’m too lazy to look.

            Tonight I learned that even bvb though within LA County, Long Beach and Pasadena make their own rules. We complied with shutting down outdoor dining. Pasadena chose not to. LB hasn’t announced whether it will comply with the newest restrictions. Frankly, I’d love an excuse to get another break from neighborkid! The last one probably saved my life (I wasn’t around any of the family when they were contagious before showing symptoms).

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            • “within LA County, Long Beach and Pasadena make their own rules.”
              How can that be? Don’t you have a guv’nor to make them all pull at the same string? Don’t they know how stupid this is when traffic can still flow freely between the counties and cities?

              I remember during lockdown in Germany a friend mailed me and told me since everybody was sitting at home, bored, many ppl from Hamburg wanted to spend the time on their campgrounds and weekend houses at the baltic sea. The health system in the small coastal towns couldn’t have managed an outbreak so they closed up for any outsiders. His parents have registered their beach house as official dwelling, but he wasn’t permitted to visit them. That’s how you stop a pandemic!


          • I looked it up. For perspective, there are currently 56 people hospitalized with covid in LB. I can’t find weekly or monthly totals, nor how many of the 56 are new vs been there awhile.

            I’m encouraged that the 9month chart shows deaths are WAY down, since spring.

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