Prison: Day 248

Morning my muppets! 🙂

2 stories you won’t read in the western press:

Aren’t the UAE America’s bitch in the middle east?

Of course news like these will be redacted by the free and democratic western press coz we are in the middle of an economic war on China.

Isn’t Cuba nobody’s bitch and must be totally boycotted?

We had or still have Cuban medical teams working in South Africa as well. It’s no problem when you don’t make enemies left and right and everywhere and are an agreeable country. And it shouldn’t be a problem at all since we all face a planet-wide pandemic to which’s solution we shouldn’t care about business and political affiliation. So we work with Chinese medicine and Cuban personnel. And survive!

And, as you can see, Italian regions and islands are handling shit on their own now, pissing off Rome and the EU. Because it’s human lifes first for them.

Why wait for big Euro/American pharma to come up with the vaccine, when other countries already have it? And pay for it thru the nose when other countries are handing it out for fukn free?

What’s America gonna do? … Does anyone still care?

Don’t forget readers, little Orcsi does care about you and wishes you all the best. But it all depends on you; only you can save yourself. When you see your congressman turning down help offers by Cuba and/or China, demand an explainification! Ask them why they gamble away your life just becoz they are too stubborn and selfish to co-operate internationally!

It’s time to not be sheeples anymore but take business into your own hands!!!

Have a phenomenal day sweeties



  1. We got the Italy/Cuba story! Obama made a lot of progress toward ending the stupid issues against Cuba but the former Cubans in Florida, who don’t want to stop the fight, are a strong political group that politicians are afraid to piss off. I think it’s well past time to get over it!!

    Man, you should see the posts from one of the homeschooled kids that I follow. Hardcore ‘Muricah bullshit. She’s about 12yrs old and pro-guns (as “necessary”) and thinks any form of compassion to others is socialism and BAD. I’m certain she’s also a creationist. Sad to see her indoctrinated so thoroughly, so young.

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    • “homeschooled kids”

      You mean home-indoctrinated. It’s so sad such shit is even possible in America. In school we learn live-lessons, we learn how to behave in a group/society, which is even more important than academic knowledge alone.


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