Prison: Day 247


The Second Wave. It’s here.

And the really sad thing about it is … it’s our own fucking fault! We let down our guard, we became sloppy, careless, felt invincible. The Second Wave of Covid-19 is a man-made disaster. 😦

And now … the reckoning! 😮

“A resurgence is when the number of active cases increases, week-on-week, by more than 20%. Over the last week alone, the province has witnessed a 52.1% jump in new cases, with an established pattern over time.

“We must be under no illusion as to how serious the situation is, and how quickly it can deteriorate further. I can assure you that our economy cannot afford a further lockdown.”

Areas where it’s spreading quickest include Bellville, Claremont, Delft, Dunoon, Grassy Park, Gugulethu, Hanover Park, Kuils River, Lentegeur, Lotus River, Macassar, Milnerton, Nyanga, Ottery, Parklands, Parow, Pinelands, Rocklands, Rondebosch, Sea Point, Somerset West, Strand, Tafelsig and Wynberg.

1 020 people have been hospitalised with 187 in ICU or high care, according to Winde.

The province recorded 7 792 active Covid-19 infections, 127 403 confirmed cases and 115 017 recoveries, as of 1pm on Thursday. The death toll currently stands at 4 594. About 762 455 tests have been conducted.

Dr Cloete said: “We made a recommendation to the provincial cabinet about exploring local restrictions. The premier said a special team would meet on Friday, as of when we will be putting specific details on what the restrictions are. By next week there should be more clarity on exactly what these local restrictions will be.

“In the face of these increasing infections, it would be the responsible thing to do.”

Cloete said 115 healthcare workers in the province had been infected by the resurgence over the last week. “The week before, there were 54 infected health workers. You can see there’s been a 50% increase from 54 to 115 out of an overall number of 4 543 new cases in the Western Cape over the last week alone.”

Meanwhile, Winde said: “Members of the public, businesses and other organisations have been urged to report violations of Covid-19 protocols immediately so that our teams can take action immediately.”

Residents can report violations using the online complaint form available, or Dial *134*234# to report non-compliance of public transport.

Cape Argus

What I noticed today:

The gym, as always, a rolemodel of virus-handling. On entry your body temperature is measured and you get a dose of hand sanitizer. The lockers in the dressing rooms are almost all closed to enable strict social distancing.

At the Foodlovers Market I almost had to beg for my spritz. But many ready-made menus are still to get in pre-packaged portions, which is good. Otoh we can fill up our own packs from the bar. That’s rather pre-Corona convenience. Not very hygienic. :/

At the pharmacy in the shopping mall they are giving out clothes-pegs on entering. You return them when leaving the store. When all pegs are in use, no further patrons are allowed in. Very good, almost as during the first days of the lockdown.

The auto parts store didn’t do anything … at all. Other than everybody’s wearing their masks it’s bizniz as usual there. What I bought? Windscreen washer kit. The old bottle was irreparable, so I bought a general fit thingie. Will try later or tomorrow to fit it in. Hubby said I’m a fairie, sprinkling our van with goodness! 🙂

So I guess businesses are tightening up again, which is only logical. They wanna avoid a second strict lockdown, which many businesses, and the South African economy as a whole, couldn’t possibly survive. 😦

Speaking of survive … people! You know what to do! I guess we’re all adult enough to know the necessary actions to be taken, and even more adulterer to see them through. Let’s not become compliant and sloppy, let’s stop the spread! Our respective home countries, and the planet, depend on our individual behaviour.

It’s an easy decision: Be a responsible adult – or be a covidiot. No, it’s not even a choice. Be a covidiot now – suffer the consequences later! Americans, you’re all such glowing patriots, yes? So shut the eff up about freedom, wear your effn masks and celebrate Thanksgiving alone in self-quarantine!

It’s the right thing to do!




    • Yes, obviously they finally were alarmed and managed to repair their picture thingie. Thx for the heads-up, Becs. But don’t expect me to let them off the hook so easily. I still hate the block editor with all my small might. :/


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