A Last Look at Triumphal

Hey, I’m just back from inworld where my curiosity had me take another peek at the latest developments at TrYC and its home sim Triumphal:

This was earlier today. East side demolished but the TrYC pontoon still very much there …
… and ready for action, waiting for eager sailors.
Right now the whole eastside is gone and set up for rental and sale. Have the renters been reimbursed? So many questions, no answers. 😐
Laured’s Nautica Paintshop is gone, Potti’s home, too. 😦 You see the sale price for the whole sim? 2.800.000 Woolongs!!! Fuksake. 😮

Please don’t expect a long ranting comment from me. I’m a has-been and have no actual stakes, neither in the sim nor in the club. Triumphal is sold and belongs to Happy Life Lands and Rentals now. Fair and square. They can do with the sim whatever they fukn fancy, no questions about that. Of course it would’ve been nice to keep the sailing programme going, for the sake of regularly scheduled racing outside of the Blake Sea. Alas it’s not profitable, doesn’t bring in any moolah and isn’t a good investment. Charlz, Fi and Trap did it coz they were sailors. They sacrificed rental income for the sake of the TrYC. We can’t and shouldn’t expect the same kind of commitment from the new owners, who are 100% into land owning for business reasons.

Fortunately alternatives and opportunities arose quite quickly for our duo of intrepid club leaders/race directrices, Bianca and Lucy. Bia will tell you soon about her plans in Plum Gut (Sailors Cove), and Kitten and I have noticed Saxxon is back with the MBYC. Only now he’s not in Mowry anymore but directly next door in Selby (both with direct access to the Hepurn startline in Mare Secundus on Sansara continent). If I was still actively involved in sailing I wouldn’t hesitate a second but restart organized sail racing in Mare Secundus and Sea of Fables immediately! The sole active yacht club on the whole fukn continent.

Imagine that!

A last sad view at my former spirtual home (since 2009). Byebye Triumphal, we had the best of times … and so many stories to tell.


    • “That’s the spirit!”

      It is, isn’t it? I still think Sansara is the most beautiful and versatile continent with navigable waterways galore and superduper race courses of any size. And I guess LL would be helpful and supporting us by rezzing newest racelines and regatta markers, maybe giving us a little race island with spectators’ stands and an office … without meddling by Blake Sea landlords.

      If anybody’s up to something like that I’d be in with 1,024 m². 🙂

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    • I am very disappointed Trap that you left the renters, Lucy and me so long in the fog and didnt say anything…I am sure we could have worked out a different solution, but you didnt give us the chance…
      Not sure if that is the spirit i like.

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  1. These guys are unbelievable. In the end they really tried to blame us for what happened and that we were the ones who killed TrYC. See the “relative facts” or “fake news” principal already jumped over to India…

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  2. I don’t know what actually happened, but it’s sad to hear that Triumphal is not available anymore for the sailors of TrYC. I haven’t been there as much myself lately, but I have nothing but good memories (and one especially laggy race at the One world tournament 9 years ago 😉 ) when I think of the place. You are all always welcome to hang out at TYC and, I am aure, many other places. I hope TrYC will find a nice home soon again.

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    • Thx Liv. What really happened was simple: Trap has sold Triumphal.
      And also thx for the invitation to TYC. You guys and NYC have always been my favourite “other” clubs and I’m member in both afaik.
      Bianca found a new sailing group, operating at Plum Gut, where she will organize races in the future, Lucy is still in shock and said nothing yet. I guess whatever they do, we can’t go on with the Triumphal name anymore but need a new group.

      If I was still active I’d change locality, like totally, and make a new yacht club on Sansara. Starting races from Hepurn and Adriatic, have LL install some markers around Bay City and other smaller oceans for long distance races. Then I’d make a group notice to the 500 members of TrYC and ask them to leave the club and join my new group. Nautlius is overpopulated with yacht clubs anyway.

      Liv, we both know, it’s not the land and clubhouse that makes a club, it’s the people, the active members. Of the 500 TrYC members 470 might be non-active, it’s the 30 actively sailing guys you wanna have in your group and organise stuff for. So I imagine a small parcel would be enough, just to have a base, a meeting point.

      As I’ve already told BIanca and Lucy I’d be in with my 1,024, some more of such donations would enable them to purchase something nice.

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      • The Corsica seas, south of Kyral Thendor and around Oprince and so are nice too: it’s quiet and the area is pretty stable to sail on. You could just operate there from a mainland parcel or rent something on Tuarua Fiji. Or you could venture into southern Sansara and connect to Bellisseria. Free Adriatic is there still too of course, you must remember when we raced there, with Julia and Joepie and so.

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        • Ooooh, Corsica is always rather bitchy to sail. Many banlines and sec orbs and only very narrow waterways. At least the last time I was there:


          Free Adriatic still active? Cool. Last time I checked the Adriatic startline was gone. 😦

          But yes, I remember sailing there with you girls. On a laptop SL warned me each time I wanted to log on that it didn’t fulfill the minimum requirements. So I tried to race on a hot potatoe, with 128kb adsl and over 300ms ping and 64m DD. I crashed in nearly every sim xing. 😦

          But good idea to search something on south Sansara. The whole south coast seems to be rather thinly settled and one should find a nice peace of beach for not too much money. And then we’re racing down to Bellisseria and into the Jeogeot fjord. But isn’t that area reserved for wargamers these days?

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