1. I worked for a medical device co that was owned by Nestle, so we got candy really cheap! But I prefer Hershey’s.

    It was common for people to bring back UK version of US candy because the UK chocolate was better and always thicker.

    Bo-Katan loses points for Rees-IES, it’s Rees-EHZ. And living Butterfinger. Gross, bleh, poo!!! But the rest was fun!

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    • I didn’t get it, is Bo-Katee Canadian or American? And which country makes the more tastee snacks? Yeah, was a fun little video freom Katee’s own YT channel, which I found, like so many things, on BoingBoing.

      Nestlé is much more known for scandalous business practices (the milk powder for 3rd world babies the whole of black Africa is hooked on) than for tastee choc bars, which is a shame for a Swiss company, usually the home of world’s bestest choccie. 😮

      We boycot Nestlé products wherever possible. But it’s hard to keep track.


      • Omg, Nestle owns sooo many companies!! Candy, skin care, juices, pet foods… I don’t remember them all! But they no longer own that laser surgery device company.

        I got the feeling she’s American but has filmed in Canada. I’d say Canadian candy won.

        Reese’s peanut butter cups are one of the most popular candies here. And I mean freakishly popular!! A friend in AU tried one and found it repulsive!

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        • I never tried. The older I become the less I like sweet stuff. I hardly like myself anymore, and I’m freakishly sweet you must know! Gimme salty, peppery all day long.


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